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  • Personal Training for the Kokoda Trail

    Today I was very happy to write and publish an amazing transformation of a client of ours, Mike, who left for the Kokoda Trail first thing on Monday morning this week.

    I worked with Mike intensively as his personal trainer to prepare him for the Kokoda Trail. Whilst his primary goal was to prepare for the trek, his other major goals were to:

    • Reduce his weight to 80kg (from over 96kg!)
    • Improve his fitness

    Of course both of these would certainly be important in his Kokoda Trail preparations.

    Anyway, check out these jaw-dropping before/after photo's!:

    Mikes Kokoda Trail Personal Training Before Photo


    Mikes Kokoda Trail Personal Training After Photo


    It would come as no surprise that he dropped 17.5kg and reduced his waist by 20cm! He also improved his cardiovascular fitness by 56%!

    Apart from this though, there was a very heavy emphasis on Mike's endurance capacity, core strength, co-ordination and various injuries he had sustained (including two knee reconstructions a few years back).

    Over the period of our training together, Mike accomplished some phenomenal results and I'm sure is now trekking the Kokoda Trail with relative ease compared to many others who attempt the trek. (It came to me as a shock that last year over 60 people were air-lifted out because they weren't fit enough for the adventure!!).

    It may surprise you that Mike did not adhere to a strict dietary programme. In fact, he regularly ate take-away hamburgers, chips and donor kebabs. But you know what - he did so in conjunction with a very healthy nutritional programme. This was the key to Mike's success, because he had failed previously attempting to adhere to an unrealistic "healthy" eating plan. The reason why Mike is in such good shape for the Kokoda Trail is because we worked closely in developing a suitable approach to nutrition that suited him, not a "diet".

    Anyway, be sure to check out this amazing Kokoda Trek Personal Training transformation with more photo's, full statistics and a more detailed rundown of Mike's training!

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