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  • Beta Alanine Supplementation And Its Effectiveness

    In the health and fitness world we can be bombarded with all different sorts of supplementation that may claim to make us bigger, stronger, faster etc. All of this can make us a little frustrated when trying to decide what supplements we should take in hope of assisting us towards our various training and diet goals. Instead of trying to go through a whole range of different supplements and their effectiveness, l would like to just focus on a single supplement called beta- alanine and find out how effective it really is.
  • Benefits Of Creatine

    Whether we are just beginning or have trained for years, a lot of us will look for a supplement that can actually give us real results and not just a placebo effect. With so many supplements on the market today, it’s hard to decide which of them work or not. We could trial and error a whole range of supplements to find out for ourselves, but problems in doing so could be the cost factor and also may become time consuming trying to research what one to try next. One popular supplement, creatine, has had many claims of being a supplement that will give us positive physical results. To find out if these claims are true, let’s have a closer look at this supplement and what the research has to say.
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