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  • Walking Plus Glucosamine Supplementation Eases Osteoarthritis

    A new study shows that glucosamine sulphate supplementation combined with a “progressive walking” program can ease osteoarthritis symptoms.
  • I am 15kg overweight. Would it be safe for my knee joints to run or should I perform low-impact exercise?

    When it comes to exercising, your number one priority should be to exercise in a safe manner as you have expressed.  At your present weight, running will place some additional stress on your knee and ankle joints in particular.  The knee's are one of the joints within the human body most susceptible to injury - so you do have to be careful to an extent.

    However, I don't believe that running would pose any excessive risks.  I would not suggest to begin with running consistently for extended periods of time.  Do you enjoy other low-impact forms of cardio such as using the stationary bike, recumbent bike, swimming, elliptical trainer or rowing machine?  These may be much more appropriate alternatives to use initially as a gateway to running.  Also, these lower impact forms of exercise are just as effective as running for weight loss - so long as you keep the intensity high you'll be burning fat away.

    Whilst on this topic, I listened to a very insightful seminar this morning on glucosamine and chondroiton supplementation.  These supplements are of seemingly great benefit to people who suffer from mild osteoarthritis.  Osteoarthritis is caused by the wear and tear of cartilage and is often the result of consistent excess force placed upon a joint.  The knees are one joint that has been studied in particular detail (alongside the fingers and hip joint) with regards to supplementation with these compounds.

    Now what I found of relevance to this topic from this seminar is that the risk osteoarthritis is greatly increased by two major factors:

    1. Being overweight
    2. Limiting your daily activity

    (Of course there are other factors to consider, but these are 2 of particular interest to this question)

    To explain:

    1. Being overweight will place excessive stress on your joints for obvious reasons.  The knee is particularly susceptible during an exercise such as running.  This additional stress significantly increases the risk of the degradation of the cartilage in your knees.

    2. Limiting the amount of daily activity causes your muscles and connective tissues to become weak and lazy.  Therefore, when you do undertake activity, excess stress will be placed upon the site of the joint itself and lead to the breakdown of cartilage.

    Therefore, it is very important for your joints to maintain a healthy weight whilst participating in an active lifestyle.

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