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  • Online Personal Training Blog Live!

    3 days prior to Amino Z's 3 year anniversary, I have decided to publish my own online personal training blog.

    Why an "online personal training" blog? Well, considering that I'm including it as part of Amino Z (which is ultimately a personal training company) and it's online, I figured that it would make sense to call it an Online Personal Training Blog.

    This blog will give me an opportunity to voice my personal thoughts and opinions as a separate entity to the Amino Z website.

    So anyway, I'm really glad that I finally got this blog up and running!

    Today's news. Today was pretty full-on. Up at 6.30am and got straight into the emails. That took me a while and then straight onto our online clients. I tell you what, Monday's are full-on! It took me until after 5pm this evening to complete all our online personal training clients. I did have a 1on1 session during the day, but apart from quick meal breaks and some telephone calls, it was just me typing away frantically all day long.

    Also managed to get in a solid chest/biceps workout today. First workout back since my week off. Pretty straight forward macrocycle parameters with a 6-8 rep range, 4 day split and 2-3 minute rests. The only exception to "normality" is that I have gone back to eccentric bicep curls on the left side due to some tendonitis induced a while ago. Hasn't really flared back up at all, but a little discomfort so I figured I would do a little more rehab before it becomes an issue again.

    It's now past 6.30pm and I think I'm going to call it quits for the day. Very productive day today and I'm looking forward to working on several projects tomorrow.

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