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  • Online Personal Trainer

    What is an online personal trainer? How can an online personal trainer help you to achieve your goals? We have published a brief overview of the industry and how our award-winning online personal training service stands out from the crowd.
  • The Difference Between a Normal and Online Personal Trainer

    Having worked extensively as both a traditional or "normal" personal trainer and an online personal trainer, I am familiar with how the two roles differ in the health and fitness industry. Whilst the two services overlap somewhat, they also differ substantially in various aspects.

    So, in writing this article, it is my goal to enlighten you as to the difference between your typical personal trainer and an online personal trainer based on the services that we offer. In doing so, I hope that you will be able to make a more informed decision when hiring a fitness professional to get you to your goals.

    Of course, services between companies will vary substantially. Amino Z's online personal training is very different to many other companies or individuals. So I have written this brief article based on my personal beliefs (and also our company's beliefs) as to what each role should provide to you.

    How a Traditional and Online Personal Trainer are Similar

    Let's begin with the similarities between the two services. I believe that both fitness professionals have a responsibility to provide you with safe, effective and individualised training and nutritional programmes. All training programmes should be designed with your goals in mind (not the trainers, or someone else's). Both services also must ensure that you feel comfortable with the programmes and you are confident with them.

    The ongoing services provided by either professional should be designed to keep you motivated and accountable to achieving your goals. A personal trainer in essence is your personal coach and is there to keep you on track.

    How a Traditional and Online Personal Trainer are Different

    There are some significant difference between an online personal trainer and your face-to-face personal trainer.

    The first and most obvious is that your online trainer isn't there with you during a workout. So they are unable to coach you through an actual set, or identify any technique flaws. So your traditional personal trainer has the ability to motivate you during the actual workout.

    However the online personal trainer has some distinct advantages over the face-to-face personal trainer. In one respect, online, they generally have a much greater ability to add structure into your lifestyle. Rather than briefly touching on your food intake, social activities and exercise during your 1 hour face-to-face session, your online trainer can discuss all of these area's in detail with you. You also are not limited to a specific appointment time as you can send a message online 24/7 at your convenience.

    The traditional personal trainer does have the advantage of being able to communicate with you on a face-t0-face basis. This is really good if you struggle to put the required effort into your workout and need that "in the moment" motivation. The online personal trainer is the coach who is present outside of each workout and can look at your week in a highly objective manner. This ensures that everything in your lifestyle is geared toward achieving the desired results. Recording your results regularly also ensures that you can view your progress in an objective manner also.

    For the amount of support that you receive, your online personal trainer does tend to be a little more cost effective. For example with our packages, for bi-weekly online support (our most common package), it's almost half the cost of having two 1 hour personal training sessions each week.

    What I have found from my personal experience is that my clients generally do get better results from online personal training. Of course, this differs on an individual basis, but this is what I have observed with a general trend.

    The reason why is because I believe that having a coach available to you outside of your workout keeps you accountable and motivated throughout the week and not just during your training session. Even though many of my face-to-face clients have highly effective and enjoyable workouts when training together with me, the level of motivation exhibited outside of these sessions can often be reduced because they have no one to answer to for a number of days. An online personal trainer does solve this problem.

    Ultimately it does come down to you as the individual. As you can see, the roles of each type of personal trainer does differ substantially and which service you choose will depend on your specific requirements for success.

  • The Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer

    The popularity of hiring an online personal trainer has grown substantially in recent times due to the effectiveness of this service. Online personal training is actually quite different to a conventional, face-to-face personal trainer. So let's go through some of the key differences and benefits to an online PT!

    Probably the first thing that comes to mind is money. Hey, we all like to save a few dollars every now and then don't we? Especially if you're on a budget, hiring a personal trainer for $80+ an hour can be expensive! Online personal training provides a high level of accountability and motivation to you without breaking your budget. So, rather than paying for a couple of one-on-one sessions each week with a trainer, you can be accountable to your online professional trainer on a daily basis whilst still minimising your costs.

    Whilst on the topic of money, a big misconception about online personal training can be that you don't obtain the same value for money as if you were with a face-to-face trainer. Actually, value is where the true benefits of an online trainer shine through. You can obtain a level of accountability and motivation that you cannot obtain with your conventional face-to-face trainer. During your training session, you may briefly discuss your food intake and your weekly activity levels - but the main focus of the session is to go through an exercise regime. Throughout the remainder of the week, you are left to your own devices. In contrast to this, the online personal trainer doesn't take you through an exercise routine - rather, you are held accountable for your workouts, eating habits and additional weekly activities on a regular basis (not just once or twice a week). It's as if you have nowhere to hide with a professional online personal trainer! Ultimately, achieving significant goals is the result of a consistent approach toward that goal every day - not just one or two "good" hours each week.

    Another advantage is that your training isn't appointment based. You don't have to re-organise your life to fit in with your trainer's schedule. You exercise when you want and you can communicate with your trainer at a time that is most suited to you. This can be a big time-saver!

    Furthermore, an online personal trainer has the ability to enrich your knowledge by not only explaining concepts in great detail, but also providing references to further reading. In contrast, a face-to-face personal trainer is limited by the total session time and the resources that he/she currently has available on-hand at that location.

    As you can see, online and face-to-face personal training provides quite different services. You really need to determine which is most suited to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in finding out more about our Sydney or online personal training services.

  • Benefits of an Online Personal Trainer

    An online personal trainer can be a great help to you in directing you toward your health and fitness goals.

    As the fitness industry continues to mature, more niche options arise. It's only really been in the last few years that online personal trainer's have begun to receive some significant exposure as a viable alternative to a classical face-to-face personal trainer.

    So what are the main benefits of hiring an online personal trainer? Let's discuss some primary benefits:

    Higher Level of Support

    This is one of the most profound benefits to hiring an online personal trainer. A classical professional would provide you with support during the session. During the remainder of the week, you can be left to your own devices. However an online PT can answer questions whenever you like to keep you on track!

    No Appointments

    Gone are the days where you have to book in with your professional for a one hour exercise session. Now, you can communicate with your trainer regularly and thus stay motivated and accountable throughout the entire week.

    Avoid Embarrassment

    Some people get embarrassed training with a trainer in a commercial gym. If you fall into this category, then an online personal trainer may be of greater benefit to you. This way, you can focus on your program rather than feeling self conscious. Your exercise and eating plans will be provided to you along with all the 1on1 support you need.

    Exercise at Your Own Pace

    If you dislike training with a personal trainer in the flesh and would prefer to train by yourself or with a friend, then an online personal trainer can be a great solution. You are provided with the plans to follow, which you can do so at your own pace.

    Exercise Wherever You Like!

    Because your own dedicated professional is on the internet, they can reach you no matter where you live! You can live in a regional area, or go on a business trip to the other side of the world and still have that same professional keeping you on track!

    Of course, this type of fitness professional is not suited to everyone. Personally, I feel that it is best to proceed with a face-to-face trainer if you are elderly or have serious health concerns. In such circumstances, it may be far safer and beneficial to you to opt for 1 on 1 support.

    At Amino Z, we do offer award-winning online personal training solutions to help you to transform yourself in 12 weeks. If you are interested, we invite you to find out more about our online personal training services.

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