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  • Nitric Oxide Supplements: Everything You Need to Know

    Think about the supplements you commonly use. There's a really good chance you have protein and a pre-workout sitting on the shelf in your kitchen. What about a nitric oxide booster? Have you even heard of this type of supplement?


    Nitric oxide boosters are primarily used by experienced lifters with a specific goal in mind. Bodybuilders, for example, may use nitric oxide boosters to achieve a better 'pump' and vascular gains. However, nitric oxide boosters may be appropriate for a number of health and fitness goals. Let's review what nitric oxide supplements are and how they may be able to help you achieve your ideal physique.


    What is Nitric Oxide?

    As soon as you see the term 'nitric oxide,' you may immediately think of the gas given to you at the dentist's office. Sure, that's one example but in this case of fitness, we are talking about a compound found within the body that may promote a number of different processes.


    In the case of exercise, the compound nitric oxide may support blood flow and oxygen delivery to skeletal muscle. Elevated levels of nitric oxide may also play a part in reducing inflammation, boosting recovery, and removing lactic acid build-up post-workout.


    How Do You Increase Nitric Oxide Levels?

    Exercise is hands-down the best way to naturally boost the body's nitric oxide levels; however, supplements are now being used to help as well. Nitric Oxide supplements contain proven ingredients that may trigger a spike in nitric oxide levels, thereby promoting a series of fitness-related benefits as mentioned above.


    What is a Nitric Oxide Supplement?

    A nitric oxide supplement, often referred to as an N.O. Booster, is made up of several compounds that may be able to naturally boost nitric oxide levels in the blood, if only for a short while.


    This temporary boost will help to support a number of benefits including the following:


    The Classic 'Pump'

    • Those using a quality N.O. Booster always report an increased 'pump' during exercise. This is when the blood swells in the working muscle, promoting a pumped-up feeling that may be accompanied by increased vascularity.


    Strength and Recovery

    • Some studies report that a quality nitric oxide booster may be able to boost blood flow and oxygen delivery to skeletal muscle. As a result, this may help promote more strength intra-workout followed by increased recovery post-workout.


    Lactic Acid and Inflammation

    • When using an N.O. Booster, you may experience less soreness. This is because increased levels of nitric oxide may support an enhanced removal of lactic acid, thereby, decreasing inflammation and soreness. (1-2)


    What are the Best Nitric Oxide Boosting Ingredients?

    There are hundreds of supplements but not all of them contain the proven ingredients that have been the subject of study and trials. The most popular and used N.O. boosting ingredients are the following:


    • L-Arginine
    • AAKG (Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate)
    • L-Citrulline
    • L-Norvaline


    What are Some of the Best Brands of N.O. Boosters?

    Some of the bestselling and most widely used brands of N.O. Boosters include the following:


    • Primaforce AAKG
    • GAT JetFuse NOX
    • MAX's Lab Series Creobol


    Check out the full collection of nitric oxide supplements here.



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  • Cellucor CN3 vs. GAT Nitraflex

    Making the most out of your fitness routine may be a lot easier with the help of a pre-workout supplement. A pre-workout is a supplement taken before you hit the weights, track, or pool to help you increase your performance. Thus, you'll be cashing in on the maximum benefit from your exercise routine. While there are many pre-workout supplements out there, we are going to compare two of the most popular ones: Cellucor CN3 vs. GAT Nitraflex.


    Cellucor CN3

    Where can I buy it?

    • Here's where you can buy Cellucor CN3.


    Pros of Cellucor CN3

    Cellucor makes some of the best pre-workout products you'll find on the market and one of their most popular is CN3. It is made up of only two ingredients: 3 grams of Creatine Nitrate and 500 mg of Vitamin C. Together, this combination may be an effective way to boost nitric oxide levels for peak performance.


    If you're looking to build muscle or if your exercise regimen is made up largely of strength training, Cellucor CN3 may be very beneficial. This supplement is a Nitric Oxide Booster, also known as an N.O. Booster, and its primary function is to provide your muscles with oxygen and blood flow. The increased flow and pump of oxygen helps to boost performance during your workout. A side bonus is that insane vein-bulging 'pump' that many lifters report feeling. CN3 may be able to support gains in strength levels and intra-workout performance. (1)


    Cons of Cellucor CN3

    This is a straight-shooting product. It doesn't claim to be an insane pre-workout energy enhancer; rather, it's there to support nitric oxide and performance levels. The only downside to Cellucor CN3 may be the use of artificial flavours and sweeteners but other than that, you're getting a solid N.O. booster.



    GAT Nitraflex

    Where can I buy it?

    • Here's where you can GAT Nitraflex.


    Pros of GAT Nitraflex

    Nitraflex is an extremely potent pre-workout supplement by German American Technologies (GAT). The product enhances energy and strength alike while potentially supporting healthy testosterone production as well.


    Nitraflex includes 3 hard-hitting main ingredients: DMAE, Caffeine, and Beta Alanine. Together, these ingredients work to provide higher energy levels and a larger intra-workout pump. At 325 mg of Caffeine per serving, you'll never feel fatigue during or after your workout.


    The formula of Nitraflex hits your energy needs from all sides: you're getting hardcore stimulants along with nootropics for focus and even some thermogenics, which may support fat burning. All in all, this is an all-around great pre-workout to start your lifting session with. (2-4)


    Cons of GAT Nitraflex

    Downsides to Nitraflex are dependent upon how you react to stimulants. DMAE combined with Caffeine (not to mention the Rauwolscine you're getting) has been known to pack a powerful punch, especially if you don't tolerate stimulants well. You may want to assess your tolerance with half a serving then build up accordingly.


    Other than that, this pre-workout is going to be the one-two punch you need to kick away fatigue and get busy in the gym.


    Which One Should You Choose?

    Here's the thing: Both CN3 and Nitraflex are pre-workouts; however, they are in two radically different categories of pre-workouts. CN3 is a nitric oxide booster while Nitraflex is an energy amplifier and nootropic. The good news: You can (and should) use them together.



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