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  • Product Review: Platinum Labs DEFCON1

    Pre-workout supplements are one of the most popular and purchased product next to whey protein and fat burners. We all know the feeling of waking up early, battling through a long 8 to 10 hour day then coming home to be reminded that it's Leg Day. This is where a pre-workout comes in handy. A quality pre-workout is packed with more than just a little bit of caffeine. It should contain a variety of energy boosters and nootropics so that both your mind and body are revitalized.


    Platinum Labs DEFCON1 is said to be one of the most popular pre-workouts in the industry. Check out its ratings around the internet and it's a universally well liked product. Let's take a look to see if Platinum Labs DEFCON1 can hold up to its reputation.




    As soon as you turn the bottle around to face the label, you can already see the decent sized list that Platinum Labs DEFCON1 offers in the way of ingredients. As you scroll down, you'll see that all of the ingredients found within are popular and proven. Right away, Platinum Labs DEFCON1 has a great formula. At the top, it features Beta Alanine at 2 grams, L-Taurine at 1 gram, and Agmatine Sulfate at 750 mg per serving. These three ingredients are an excellent addition to any pre-workout formula. What's more, these are the ideal dosages for these ingredients.


    Studies suggest that those three ingredients may be able to promote the following benefits:

    • May help to boost energy
    • May support intra-workout strength increases
    • May help to reduce muscle fatigue
    • May promote lean muscle mass gains (1-3)


    Naturally, as a pre-workout, Platinum Labs DEFCON1 contains caffeine; however, it doesn't contain an obnoxious amount such as a supplement like Pro Supps' Mr. Hyde does, for example. (Click here to read more about and buy Mr. Hyde from Pro Supps) At 180 mg of caffeine per serving, that's a nice middle ground for those who are caffeine sensitive and for those who double up their pre-workout servings.




    While some ingredients have an ideal dosage per serving, others are lacking a bit. Creatine HCl for example is only provided at 750 mg per serving. While this may be a pre-workout, creatine is a vital part of the energy conversion process, supplying your muscles with ATP for fuel. (4) 750 mg isn't terrible but it's not even close to the standard 5 gram dosage. This same issue can be seen with Betaine Anhydrous and Choline Bitartrate. Again, we're happy they are in there but disappointed at the low dose.


    With that said, these are the only ingredients that have a lower than normal dose. Everything else is great. An easy remedy would be to supplement with creatine in addition to DEFCON1. As a side note to Platinum Labs, the addition of Alpha GPC would make this a perfect pre-workout supplement.


    The only other issue that may be a problem for some is the fact that Platinum Labs DEFCON1 contains artificial sweeteners and colouring. If you aren't too concerned about that, then you have nothing else to worry about.




    Platinum Labs DEFCON1 is a very worthwhile buy and it's no surprise why it's a fan favourite. It contains a variety of well-chosen energy boosters, thermogenics, and nootropics, most of which have been provided to you at their ideal dosage per serving. Taken as a part of any disciplined training program, Platinum Labs DEFCON1 may be able to give you the energy you need to succeed. Click here to buy Platinum Labs DEFCON1.




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  • Which Pre-Workout to Use? Cellucor C4 vs Pro Supps Mr. Hyde

    Although the term 'pre-workout' includes any type of supplement that will provide an energy boosting effect, veterans in the industry know that not all pre-workouts are made the same. A low quality pre-workout supplement may give you a small initial boost but then have you crash later. Compare that to heavy hitting, Ephedra-based pre-workouts and you'd be amazed at the difference. Some pre-workouts are so extreme, they come with very explicit warnings. The latter is what we are dealing with today.


    Two of the industry's biggest names, C4 and Pro Supps, both have some of the most extreme pre-workout supplements ever created. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of both to see which one is worth buying.


    Cellucor C4


    Where can I buy it?


    Cellucor is a company with a long standing history in the industry. It's produced some of the best supplements with an emphasis on the pre-workout category. C4 has been a fan favorite for years and with good reason: it works. Even with the recipe changes over the years, C4 is still one of the best-selling pre-workouts industry-wide.


    C4's claim to fame with energy boosting has to do with its Explosive Energy Blend, which consists of caffeine, L-Tyrosine, and, most importantly, TeaCor™ Tetramethyluric Acid (explained below). On top of this, you're getting several ingredients that have been shown to support muscle building.



    • Muscle building blend of Beta Alanine, Creatine Nitrate, Arginine AKG.
    • Contains TeaCor™, which has been a recent addition to many pre-workout supplements because of the intense energy and metal focus it provides.



    • Artificial sweeteners, coloring, and preservatives.
    • The energy blend may be too much for some. Although it's not as extreme as Mr. Hyde (more on that below), it still can pose problems for those with a caffeine sensitivity. Start with a lower dose and work your way up.



    Pro Supps Mr. Hyde


    Where can I buy it?

    • Buy Pro Supps Mr. Hyde


    Pro Supps is a newer supplement company but one that didn't take long to make waves. Offering a unique line of extreme supplement, one of the best-selling supplements from the company is, without a doubt, the pre-workout, Mr. Hyde.


    Mr. Hyde is every bit of extreme as the literary character. It offers a complex caffeine matrix, featuring three types of caffeine as well as a number of super thermogenics. These thermogenics include Yohimbe and Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root. What's more, Mr. Hyde has your muscles covered with a unique blend of ingredients to support NO production and pumps.



    • Pre-workout lean muscle mass support with Beta Alanine, Agmatine Sulfate, and L-Citrulline Aspartate.
    • Packed with thermogenics to support fat loss.
    • Guaranteed to provide extremely high energy that doesn't result in crashing.



    • Artificial sweeteners, coloring, and preservatives.
    • Caffeine content may be too high for some. There are many stories in forums about how Mr. Hyde can cause dizziness, nausea, and headaches. Its caffeine matrix has over 400 mg of caffeine for ONE scoop. If you want to try Mr. Hyde, start with half or a quarter scoop.




    While both of these pre-workouts are extreme, they each have a lot to offer. Both C4 and Mr. Hyde contain muscle supporting ingredients although Mr. Hyde offers more and at a greater dosage. Price wise, they are interchangeable. It really comes down to preference and tolerance. C4 is extreme but it doesn't have the insane caffeine and intensity matrix that Mr. Hyde offers. Try each and see how you do.

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