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Tag Archives: motivation

  • Motivation and Weight Loss

    A new study published in the most current issue of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior says that motivation is a key component of successful and maintained weight loss.
  • Change talk- Using verbal ques to improve motivation

    Ever have those days when looking into the mirror just doesn't feel good? Feeling low on motivation? Just don't feel like putting in the effort? Losing motivation to facilitate healthy change is common. Motivation is a key psychological factor that helps us not only to maintain healthy behaviours like working out and eating well, but also to par-take in the other activities in our lives.
  • Dealing With Food Cravings

    Food cravings can be one of our biggest enemies when following a diet. Sometimes when we are calorie restricted, all those positive attributes of tasty foods we love to eat seem to amplify by ten! We could be simply walking home when suddenly a gust of wind comes that’s carrying the wonderful smells of some ones freshly cooked dinner, making us drool at the mouth wishing we could take a bite! For some of us, moments like this can be the small trigger that causes us to binge on junk food and break our diets. So what can we do to avoid this happening? Let us have a look at some different techniques which may help us stick to our diets better.
  • Focusing On Your Own Achievements

    How many times have we have picked up a magazine or saw someone at the gym with basically a perfect looking body then we look back at ourselves and think “why can’t l look like that”? We put in all that hard work dieting and training to possibly get to a particular physical level and then we see others who are already there or even past where we would like to be with not much effort it seems.
  • Staying Motivated

    It is common when starting a new exercise program that you can feel extremely motivated and willing to work hard. After a few weeks have gone by the excitement and motivation that is sometimes felt from a new training plan can slowly begin to fade. With motivation starting to drop, it can now become more difficult to follow a program without slacking off or missing days completely. Sadly, when you begin to get in the habit of having days off it can usually turn into a downwards spiral and before you know training has stopped all together! So how can you overcome losing motivation?
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