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  • Measuring Your Weight Loss Progress

    If you're seeking to lose weight, it is important that you regularly assess your progress. If you're exercising and eating in a healthy manner, that's great! But, you also need to know whether or not your efforts are paying off and if you are closing in on your weight loss goal.

    It can be hard, especially when you are starting to approach a weight loss goal, to get into a routine of measuring your weight loss progress. I cannot count the number of clients that have cringed when I have advised them that we would undertake a body assessment. This is often because they had not stepped on the scales in an extremely long time and had no idea how much weight they actually had to lose.

    As hard as it is, it is imperative that you do obtain some initial figures by at least weighing yourself and taking some circumference measurements (eg. waist, hips, chest, thighs etc.) as initial benchmark figures. Then, on a regular basis, re-take these figures so you can ascertain whether or not your approach to nutrition and exercise is working.

    Here's a common trap that many people fall into:

    Just because you are eating in a more healthy fashion and exercising more does NOT mean you will lose weight.

    Weight loss is more a function of the balance of your calories IN versus calories OUT. You could very easily consume far more calories through a healthy diet by consuming larger portion sizes, or foods of higher calorie density, for example. Sure, you will do your body a world of good by avoiding processed foods, but you will not necessarily lose weight.

    Of course, if your approach to weight loss isn't working, then you will need to modify your approach. But at least you can do so based on some objective facts obtained from your regular measurements. This is far more desirable than relying on how you look in the mirror, as this can be highly subjective based on your perception of yourself, mood, lighting etc.

    With our online personal training services, we provide guidelines to follow for taking regular and reliable measurements. However, we do also undertake highly comprehensive full-body assessments to understand your body in far more detail than just weight and measurements.

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