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  • Product Review: Musashi Bulk Extreme Protein

    For guys who have a difficult time putting on muscle, you've heard time and time again how calories make the difference between staying small and getting big. One of the easiest ways to get extra calories into your diet is through a weight gainer or bulking product. Musashi Bulk Extreme Protein is one of the most popular bulking agents in the industry. Let's take a look at Bulk Extreme to see if it's a worthwhile buy to get the mass you want.




    At 50 grams of protein per serving, Musashi Bulk Extreme Protein definitely grabs your attention as a serious contender for an elite quality mass gainer. What's more, you'll be getting over 500 calories per serving, which is a big deal considering the amount of healthy food you'd have to eat to get that same amount if quite substantial.


    The nice thing about the calories is that, while they are protein-forward, you also have an ideal blend of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats backing it up. Mass isn't ALL about protein. You need these extra calories in the form of fat and carbohydrates as well.


    If you're using a mass gainer, you ideally should be hitting the gym hard. If this is the case (and it should be) then the protein found within Musashi Bulk Extreme Protein is going to set you straight. You're getting a mix of Instantised Whey Protein Concentrate with Whey Protein Isolate. This means you're getting an instant shot of muscle building amino acids. You're also getting extended release aminos as WPC takes longer to break down. Studies suggest that supplementing with protein, specifically amino acids, may help you recover faster, build more muscle, and protect the muscle you currently have. (1-6)




    There are two main issues that we can foresee being a problem for some people when using Musashi Bulk Extreme Protein.


    First up is the complex carbohydrate blend made primarily of maltodextrin. Maltodetrix is corn and so while it's technically a complex carbohydrate source, it's far from ideal. This may be a lifestyle and dietary preference than anything else.


    Another dietary preference that may kick up some trouble will be when you see the addition of soy throughout. While it's in the form of an additive, you quickly see how many times soy pops up in the Musashi Bulk Extreme Protein formula. Again, this is entirely a lifestyle issue. If you're pro-soy, you will only rejoice. If you're on the other side of the coin, then you may not want to give this one a try.




    We would prefer to see a more diverse blend of protein; however, even with that, Musashi Bulk Extreme Protein is still a great option for those hardgainers looking for extra quality calories, with an emphasis on protein. One of the best proteins to use for a bulking product would be Casein. If you buy Musashi Bulk Extreme Protein, you may want to pair it with a quality casein protein for an extended release of amino acids.


    You're in luck! We have it on sale! Click here to buy Musashi Bulk Extreme Protein while it's on sale!


    Want to know more about the Musashi brand? Want more flavour options? Click here to read more about Musashi Bulk Extreme Protein.




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  • Weight Gainers for Massive Gains

    Weight gainer supplements are often used to help the 'hardgainers,' those who struggle to put on weight due to their skinny size and fast metabolism, put on weight quickly. But if you aren't a hardgainer, should you consider using one?

    Weight gainers are good for those who are trying to put on some size and muscle to their current frame. Here are some things that you should know before you make the decision to use a weight gainer to help you achieve your strength and physique goals.

    Easier To Hit Calories

    In order to gain size, you need to be following the calories in vs. calories out rule. That is, you need to be eating more calories than you are expending throughout the day for a consistent period of time, and should be shooting for around 0.5 – 1lb added to the scale each week.

    However, when bulking, it can be very hard to consume all of these calories if you do not have a big appetite. And this is where weight gainer supplements shine.

    Men are usually the population that have the goals of adding large amounts of muscle and size on to their frame, and they have higher calorie demands due to physiological differences. Because of this, you often will see caloric needs that go up to even 3,500 calories needed per day in order to put on some size. Studies have shown that even male athletes in college use weight gainers to help them improve their sport performance1.

    Weight gainers become readily available, and pack on up to a thousand calories per shake. This makes this high amount of calories much easier to consume, rather than trying to ingest it all through solid foods. Weight gainers will give you a quick boost in reaching your high calorie demands, and will help you reach your goals easier.

    Specific Types Available For Fuel Post-Workout

    One of the hottest debates in the fitness industry is the topic of post-workout nutrition. Among these debates is the idea of refilling glycogen stores in the body after intense training bouts, as these are depleted during the training session. Refilling these with fuel allows your body to have the energy it needs to create an anabolic state to help your muscles recover and grow, priming you for improved performance in the next training session.

    Because of this, there are types of post-workout weight gainer shakes available. To find these, look for those that have a high amount of protein and carbohydrate content, while also having as little fat as possible in each serving. This ensures that you are sending enough protein to the muscles to start protein synthesis, while also sending enough carbohydrates into the muscle to refill glycogen stores, providing you with enough energy to properly recover. The rate of glycogen storage can be increased with both protein and carbohydrates in your supplement, since they work together, which primes your body to be in the anabolic state it needs for maximum muscle growth2.

    Bring In The Creatine!

    Creatine is the most intensively researched supplement on the market today, and the results show that creatine has many positive effects on strength, power, and overall performance. Creatine has been proven to improve power output and overall strength3. This makes creatine the perfect addition to an already impactful weight gainer, as the creatine works beautifully alongside fast-acting protein and carbohydrates.

    As a side bonus, you will no longer have to worry about buying creatine as a separate supplement anymore!


    If you struggle to put on weight, or are searching for that edge you need to put on massive amounts of strength and size, then weight gainers are the answer you have been searching for. With their high calorie content, good nutritional value, and addition of other beneficial factors such as creatine, it's hard to ignore the impact these supplements can have on your fitness and sports performance goals!

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