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  • Dont Lose Sight Of The Bigger Picture

    Do you dream of having a ripped 6 pack, one that makes your fellow trainers envious, or do you wish for your body to simply perform better? Well, if that's the case, then you are missing out on a big piece of the fitness lifestyle pie.
  • Weight Loss versus Lifestyle

    With the long weekend upon us, it's time to kick back, relax and enjoy the holiday. When trying to lose weight in a general sense, I am a strong supporter of the notion that it is all about lifestyle balance. If either your "most" desired short-term lifestyle or your weight loss attempts are over-shadowing the other, you're doomed for failure. Let's consider either of the options:

    Too much focus on a desirable lifestyle

    Notice I began that title with "too much". By too much, I mean over-entertaining your short-term gratifications such as overeating, avoiding exercise at all costs or consuming the wrong foods. Obviously if you don't pay any attention to nutrition or exercise, you are not going to lose weight. The irony of "too much" short-term gratification is that it means that you're stuck in the unhappy position that you are in now - overweight. Really, this isn't a desirable lifestyle at all. That's not to mention the increased risk of various diseases and the inability to participate in physical activities.

    Too much focus on weight loss

    Yes, the alternative can be just as much an issue. Doing "too much" in the way of exercise and dieting can really begin to eat away at you. Just imagine if you threw your favourite food out the window and swore to never eat it again. Do you think you could do this in the long term? For most mortals, this is a completely unrealistic approach to weight loss. Sooner or later, willpower will cave in and you will find yourself hoarding into your third family pack of chocolate. This is what happens with many "diets", which I have written extensively on (check out "Yo-Yo Dieting - No-No Dieting").

    The same thing goes for exercise. If you already lead a busy lifestyle and don't particularly enjoy exercise, yet you choose to exercise 14 times per week, do you really think you could keep this up? For starters, 14 sessions per week is far too much to be effective for most people. But the point I'm getting at is that you are going to burn yourself out, give up, feel like a failure and never step foot back into that gym.

    Many psychological disorders are created as a result of "overdoing" the nutrition and/or exercise. It begins subtly but eventually, through a slippery slope, can culminate into a life-threatening disease. The two most common diseases here are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Believe it or not, may athletes suffer from psychological diseases by pushing it a little "too much" with exercise and/or diet.

    And here's the second bout of irony. By pushing nutrition and/or exercise too far, you don't obtain sustainable long-term weight loss! It's also a no-brainer to work out that your lifestyle isn't all that desirable either.

    The Answer...

    Find a balance between lifestyle, exercise and nutrition! It's really that simple. As soon as you find something that you can live with for many years to come, you will see long-term, sustainable weight loss! Sure, there's plenty of trial-and-error, but throw away those fad diets, stop being a yo-yo and develop a new lifestyle!

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