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  • Dealing With Food Cravings

    Food cravings can be one of our biggest enemies when following a diet. Sometimes when we are calorie restricted, all those positive attributes of tasty foods we love to eat seem to amplify by ten! We could be simply walking home when suddenly a gust of wind comes that’s carrying the wonderful smells of some ones freshly cooked dinner, making us drool at the mouth wishing we could take a bite! For some of us, moments like this can be the small trigger that causes us to binge on junk food and break our diets. So what can we do to avoid this happening? Let us have a look at some different techniques which may help us stick to our diets better.
  • Eating Too Much Junk Food Can Be Good For Weight Loss

    Yes, that's right, you read that title correctly. Me, a health nut, suggesting that eating too much junk food CAN be good for you. And I am going to explain to you exactly why this is so.

    I have spent the past five and a half years (since Amino Z's inception) writing about the benefits of a healthy, well-rounded diet. There are numerous articles explaining the benefits of wholefoods (foods which are not processed) and why you should avoid high sugar, high fat, processed foods (AKA junk food!).

    But then I pondered, why not bring some balance to this site. Being the optimist that I am, surely there is some good to junk food! And after some thought, I am now a firm believer in the power of junk food...and in particular, the power of "too much" junk food.

    If you eat a healthy well-rounded diet, it's commonsensical that you'll feel great, full of energy, look great and improve the quality of your life significantly. The complete opposite is true when you eat too much junk food. If you fly right off the rails and over-indulge in fat-riddled sweets, you're likely to feel one (or all) of the following:

    • Guilt
    • Lethargy
    • Nausea
    • Disgust
    • General unhappiness with yourself
    • A lowering of self-esteem
    • ...and possibly even a physical manipulation of the body into a fetal position

    These are all powerful feelings - powerful enough to motivate you to make the decision never to put your body through this torture again.

    From a health and well being point of view, junk food is poison to the body. But if you're a compulsive junk food eater (or binger), maybe you do need to go overboard just to realise the long-term damage you are doing to your body. For some, this is just what you need to do in order to create an emotional trigger to intrinsically motivate yourself for long-term success.

    I'm sure that there are going to be a bunch of people out there who would completely disagree with what I'm suggesting here, especially considering the counter-intuitive nature of "eat crap to get healthy". Although it would be wonderful if everyone could just flick a switch and eat healthy all the time - but not many people have the ability to do this (especially after having eaten junk food consistently for years where both the body and the mind are addicted to it). Interestingly, in my experience, a bout of over-eating (not by design) has often resulted in some phenomenal achievements and long-term lifestyle changes.

    Ultimately the point of this article really has nothing to do with eating junk food. Rather, junk food is merely one example of an experience that can be used as an emotional trigger to instill long-term positive change in one's lifestyle. (And no, I'm not suggesting that we all go out and eat as much greasy take-away as possible until we end up in the emergency room!).

    Whether you're after weight loss, toning, muscle gain, or just a general improvement in health, the key is consistency. To be consistent over a long period of time will yield significant results. Being consistent for a few weeks in a row with a short-term mindset will only lead to dissapointment. You may not need to feel so disgusting from a junk food binge to motivate you to make a long-term change - but you need to find that trigger that will yield long-term sustainable results.

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