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  • Fruit Tea Jelly

    This Fruit Tea Jelly is a low-calorie and no-fat dessert recipe for weight-conscious people. It is made of fruit-flavored tea, gelatine, artificial sweetener and fresh mixed berries. This awesome recipe has only 49 kcalories per serve!
  • Milky Banana Jelly

    This Milky Banana Jelly recipe is a quick and easy low-fat, low-calorie dessert recipe that needs only a few ingredients: bananas, milk, sweetener, water and gelatine. Eating bananas when attempting to lose weight can be beneficial, they are full of nutrients for increased energy and vitality. Bananas are naturally low in calories and fat and they have a high water and potassium content. A diet high in potassium and lower in sodium-loaded processed foods may help reduce water weight.
  • Cherry Jelly with Vanilla Yoghurt

    This Cherry Jelly with Vanilla Yoghurt recipe is rich in protein, calcium, probiotics (good bacteria), vitamins and minerals for optimum health. It is also low in fat and calorie. Jelly and yoghurt are great together. This gelatin dessert can be made with any flavor of gelatine you like and it is always best to use fresh berries for the garnish. A simple yet delectable dessert for all weight watchers!
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