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  • Is Vitamin Water Healthy for Weight Loss? Vitamin Water Review

    I have seen plenty of new "healthy" product appear within the last few years as a result of the growing awareness of health and fitness in Australia. But often, new products do not live up to implied marketing claims of being as healthy as they may be perceived to be. So, I thought I'd take a quick look at Vitamin Water and post up my opinion of this product. It's only a brief look, but an important one.

    Naturally, I'm very sceptical about such a product. This is because there is so much misleading and bogus marketing in this industry that you really can never judge a book by it's cover. Sorry to be frank, but this is a sad truth about the health and fitness industry.

    Probably the first thing that jumps out at me when considering such a product is that it isn't natural. It is a highly refined water source with a fair amount of sugar added in. It's full of fructose that is not in it's natural state, as would be found in many fruits. So, it's certainly in my opinion not a desirable drink to consume, especially for weight loss.

    For a typical bottle, there seems to be approximately 33g of carbohydrate, all of which is sugar. In other words, this is effectively what I would classify as "lolly water". For comparison, a typical soft drink would contain 40-60g of sugar per bottle.

    Such a high intake of sugar is certainly not healthy, nor is it appropriate for weight loss. Vitamin Water is therefore something that I would not recommend for anyone who is watching their weight. Whilst they are fortified with various nutrients, these can all be obtained by eating whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables where you will not obtain the highly processed carbohydrates.

    To remain hydrated, opt for water. Sometimes sports drinks can be of benefit, but really only if you have specific goals and requirements with your training. Don't be fooled by thinking that sweet products are necessarily good for you just because the company's marketing says so. In my opinion, Vitamin Water falls far short of their projected "healthy" image.

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