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  • Reduce Inflammation for Better Health

    Whilst surprisingly a little acute inflammation is necessary for good health, chronic inflammation can induce significant health complications such as heart disease, asthma and allergies. We discuss various ways to reduce inflammation for improved health.
  • Dietary fibre Reduces Death Risks

    Fibre has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of death from a number of means.
  • What can I do to become motivated toward my health and fitness goals?

    Being motivated about a fitness or health endeavour is extremely important in determining your short and long-term success.

    Without a doubt, failing to plan is planning to fail. Unless you have a predetermined direction, it is so easy to get lost along the way. They also play a major part in self-motivation.  Plan out your goals and write them down - it's no use just "thinking" of something - it needs to be there in black and white.  Have a big goal and break it down into smaller, incremental goals. It's just like climbing 1000 stairs - take it 1 step at a time and the journey doesn't seem as intimidating.

    Different techniques will work for different people - some people stick motivational quotes around the house, others listen to motivational speakers like Tony Robbins (who I think is awesome by the way). I think it's important to treat yourself to rewards (along the way in addition to a big reward) to celebrate your big (and small) successes/achievements.  Ensure these rewards are not food based as detaching yourself from emotional eating is imperative when leading a healthy lifestyle.

    A support group can be an extremely powerful force of motivation. They assist you and you assist them - it's a symbiotic relationship. This could be in the form of a training partner, or getting the entire family to revamp their eating habits in the pursuit for a healthier lifestyle.

    What I believe is extremely important is to be excited about your plan. Your diet must be something that you enjoy and that you can become excited about. Same deal with your training. If you hate the plan, motivation is going to be hard to come by.

    A personal trainer will also play a vital motivational role.  It is our job to set down a realistic plan that you can adhere to and become excited about.

    There are multiple articles available on Amino Z that will provide further insight on this topic:

    Set Goals and Make a Plan

    The E Work...EXERCISE

    Also, here's a link to a search for the keyword "motivation" on the website.  There are articles all over the place!

    Hope this helps!

  • Why Our Kids Are Getting Fatter Than Ever

    In reality, we are killing our children by putting them at risk of injury and illness such as diabetes and malnutrition in the short term and heart disease and cancer later in life - not to mention the dangers of low self esteem and depression.
  • Should I purchase an exercise bike? Will it help me lose weight?

    I believe that an exercise bike can be an excellent investment into your health and wellbeing.  I actually purchased one for my family not too long ago because they would rather exercise at home than join a gym.

    They aren't too expensive and can be very effective for increasing your level of fitness, improving your health and assisting fat loss.  The beauty about a home exercise bike is that they are easy to use, convenient, comfortable (so long as you have a well-padded seat lol) and effective.

    When choosing a piece of cardiovascular exercise equipment, one of the most important factors is to consider what you will enjoy using most.  Some people hate treadmills, others dislike bikes - it's ultimately a personal thing.  At the end of the day, if you don't enjoy using it, there's not much point in making the purchase.

    With regards to the effectiveness of an exercise bike (or nearly any machine for that matter), it is only as effective as the level of effort you invest into your exercise.  This includes factors such as the amount of time and exertion/intensity.  If you enjoy using the machine, you will most likely yield far better results than any other machine.

    Speaking personally, the only cardio machine that I really use is the exercise bike - because it's fun (well at least I think so :P).

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