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  • Top 5 Health Benefits of Spirulina

    The last 10 years has seen the rise of a collection of amazing meals and supplements deemed to be 'super foods.' Arguably, one of the most popular super foods to be widely introduced to the fitness industry is spirulina.


    This green alga super food can be found in the form of powder and capsules but you can also find it in your favorite foods and drinks like kombucha.


    Is spirulina really all that it's cracked up to be? Let's take a look at the top 5 health benefits of spirulina.


    5. Weight Loss

    First and foremost, one of the top reasons that people supplement with spirulina is its reported weight loss benefits. Spirulina has a positive impact on your cardiovascular health. Most notably, your cholesterol levels will improve.


    Studies suggest that because spirulina is able to decrease the amount of serum cholesterol levels on a long-term basis, healthy weight management may also be achieved. (1-2)


    4. Disease Prevention

    Spirulina is packed with plenty of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. One of the best things about spirulina is its antioxidant profile.


    Antioxidants are critical for fighting off free radicals, which may contribute to age-related disease. Studies show that spirulina supplementation may be able to effectively promote a high antioxidant release, helping to prevent age-related and cardiovascular-based diseases. (2)


    3. Detoxification

    One health trend that became common place in the industry is the detox. Whether you're using juice, herbal remedies, or raw foods, a detox can help to flush out toxins and help you feel better. One of the best nutrients that you can add to a detox is spirulina.


    Spirulina has been shown in studies to be effective at removing heavy metals from the body with arsenic being at the top of the list.  The antioxidants you'll receive via spirulina will also help to boost your detox. (3)


    2. Anti-Inflammatory

    No one likes inflammation. At its worst, it is a precursor to disease and at its best, its accompanied by soreness.


    Whether you want to decrease muscle soreness post workout or you simply want to follow an anti-inflammation diet, spirulina is one of the best choices to include.


    Studies show that spirulina is an effective anti-inflammatory. So much so that it is reported to help with arthritis stiffness as well. (2)


    1. Overall Wellbeing

    Spirulina is one of those rare foods that everyone can benefit from regardless of goals or body type. It's a powerhouse super food that can provide you with a variety of beneficial nutrients to support your overall health and wellbeing.


    Spirulina can remove heavy metals, promote a healthy detox, decrease inflammation, and prevent certain diseases from forming. If there is one all-around great supplement to include in your diet, it's spirulina. (1-3)



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