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  • The Best Protein Powders in Australia

    Having trained for many years and tried a plethora of protein powder supplements (many from the annual fitness expo!), I feel that I now have a sound idea about which are the best protein powders in Australia.

    Honestly, I have tasted protein powders that I have struggled to finish drinking (and I'm quite adventurous when it comes to taste). Two products in particular stand out, but I'm not going to mention the brands because they have since updated their formula's (thankfully!).

    On the flip side, I have also tasted some AMAZING protein powder supplements - particularly in the past few years as much more development has gone into the taste of the products.

    But it's not all about taste. The quality, price and constituents of protein powders are all very important when it comes to deciding which supplement to use.

    With so many products out there, it can be confusing where to begin. So, below, I have listed the four best protein powders in Australia, for different reasons:

    The Best Tasting Protein Powder in Australia

    I really cannot go past Optimum 100% Gold Standard Whey. They have a number of flavours, all of which taste amazing! In saying this, there are other protein powders that are just as good tasting in my opinion. Yet why this product gets my vote is because of the quality of the constituents as well as the taste. It's primarily whey protein isolate, with whey protein concentrates as a secondary ingredient.

    The Best Value Protein Powder in Australia

    My definition of value considers two primary factors - product quality and price. Dymatize Elite Whey comes in a 4.5kg box, is a blend of whey protein concentrate and isolate (in that order) and is significantly more cost effective that the Optimum protein powders.

    The Best Quality Protein Powder in Australia

    This must go to AST Sports Science VP2. VP2 is a partially hydrolysed whey protein isolate protein powder. Whilst the label says that it is "100% hydrolysed", this refers to the fact that 100% of the protein has undergone the hydrolysation process. Hydrolysation enhances the rate of protein absorption to boost muscle synthesis and recovery following a workout. Ultimately, the quicker you can absorb amino acids, the more effective that workout will be. VP2 has been a world leader for many years and continues to remain right at the top of the list. But of course with the added quality comes the additional cost (albeit not excessive).

    The Best Natural Protein Powder

  • Whats in a good protein powder?

    When looking for a a good protein powder, you need to know exactly what you want that protein powder to do for you.  There is no such thing as the "best" protein powder available, because protein powders will vary in their effectiveness depending upon what you are using it for.

    As a general rule of thumb (and I'm going to speak broadly here), it is best to go with a whey based protein powder for consumption prior to and immediately following a workout.  A whey based protein powder high has the highest biological value (or BV), which effectively means that it is utilised by the body to a higher degree than any other protein available.

    With whey protein powders, there are two main types.  There is whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.  Isolates are processed to a greater degree and consequently are absorbed into the body quicker than concentrates.  Due to the additional processing, whey protein isolate (or WPI) is generally more expensive than whey protein concentrate (or WPC).

    We have a few protein powdersother proteins available on the market.  Here's a couple of examples.  Casein protein is absorbed over a seven hour period and thus could be useful for ingestion prior to sleeping.  Soy based proteins, whilst posessing a low biological value, are ideal for many vegetarians.

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