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  • Ghost Legend Pre-Workout Review

    The Ghost brand isn't the most recognizable one when it comes to fitness supplements in Australia. However, it is quickly becoming a favourite of many who try it, with the Legend pre-workout product being the flagship product of the Ghost brand.

    Even though it is often overshadowed by bigger name brands, Ghost Legend actually brings a couple things that are quite different from others currently on the market. But let's check out if it's worth your time giving it a shot.


    Straight off the bat, Ghost Legend tastes 'Legendary'. Quite a few other pre-workout supplements on the market possess a taste that is less than palatable, but in the case of Legend we were pleasantly surprised.

    Even though it comes available in four flavour varieties, the two that stood out head and shoulders above the others were the Red Berry and the Sour Watermelon. Don't make a name put you off however, as if you ever had watermelon flavoured Warheads candy as a kid, you'll undoubtedly love it.

    The Red Berry was clearly the sweetest of the lot, and while the sour watermelon was not as sweet (go figure with a name like that), it was still rather refreshing.

    Ghost Legend uses Sucralose, an artificial sweetener in the formulation, but which does not leave that lingering bitter aftertaste that some products are known to possess. In fact, sucralose possesses a rather clean taste that can be compared to that of table sugar.

    It also comes in a Blue Raspberry and Lemon Lime flavour, and while they weren't bad, it is very likely most people would prefer the former two.

    Taste: 4.5/5 Stars


    This is a contentious point many pre-workout supplement manufacturers fail to address.

    Nobody likes drinking a gritty, insoluble pre-workout supplement, especially since most of the flavouring is removed leaving you bitter sand at the bottom of the bottle.

    Ghost Legend mixed flawlessly in water. As long as you are following the recommended mixing ratio (that is one scoop to 250ml of water) you will not encounter solubility issues.

    Whether you prefer to shake a serving up, or mix with a spoon, what you have is a very clean per workout drink ready to go.

    Mixability: 5/5 Stars

    Nutritional Breakdown

    Most effective pre-workout products have begun moving away from using arginine as their primary nitric oxide booster, to using citrulline instead, a step which Ghost Legend has also implemented.

    The supplement consists of two primary blends, the Ghost Legend blend, and the Smart Energy blend.

    Looking at the Ghost Legend blend, to start off it has a massive 4 g of citrulline, which is significantly more than many other competing pre-workout products.

    It also contains a sizable 2g of beta-alanine, which is also higher than the typical 1.5 g contained in many others. Beta-alanine is a very popular additive in pre-workout products that can help to boost endurance and allow you to get more out of your workouts.

    The Legend blend also contains Agmatine sulphate and Norvaline, which play minor accessory roles in muscle protein synthesis and nitric oxide production.

    The Smart Energy blend, on the other hand starts off with an impressive 237 mg caffeine, which is a slightly greater equivalent than consuming 2 cups of coffee, theobromine (another methylxanthine closely related to caffeine), and taurine which can help to prevent muscle cramping due to water loss from cells. Taurine also helps mitigate the jitters some people experience the first time consuming stimulant heavy pre-workout.

    Other ingredients in the Smart Energy blend include alpha GPC, NADH and olive leaf extract which together exert antioxidant effects, and support power output and energy production.

    While there seems to be a lot going on, the primary ingredients of citrulline, beta alanine and caffeine have the product deliver what you look for when choosing a pre-workout product, and the supporting ingredients also go a long way in supporting your aim.

    Ingredients: 5/5 Stars

    Value for Money

    In terms of pre-workout products, Ghost Legend ranks amongst the more expensive ones. This could be a hard point to sell, but based on the fact that it does contain more of the ingredients that help you to achieve a fantastic pump, it is a justifiable purchase.

    The cost of each serve comes out to approximately $2.20, which may sound like a high asking for a relatively unknown brand, but what you are paying for is complete ingredient transparency and more of what matters.

    You can think of it this way; you can pay $2.20 per serving, and often times need just one (you can also consume two serves), or be all but assured that you would need to consume two serves of other products that cost $1.50 a pop.

    It is definitely worth it in my opinion, but it's not a bad idea should the company decide to manufacturer bigger tubs with more servings in an effort to bring down individual cost per serve.

    Value: 4/5 Stars


    Not a bad product at all. Ghost has done a great job of putting the extra effort into their flagship product, and will undoubtedly help you get more out of your work out. Flavour options are great, and there is no issue with mixability, so it's a pleasure to consume as well. You just need to decide if you are willing to pay a little bit more for a premium product, but nonetheless it gets our recommendation.

    Overall: 4.5/5 Stars

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