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  • Nutrition On The Road: Possible Or Not?

    As health and fitness minded individuals, we know the importance of the food we put into our bodies every day. Food provides the energy we need to perform and recover from our workouts, and how we eat can make our break our efforts in the gym.
  • Food And The Power Of The Mind

    If you tell yourself that you can’t have something, you are going to find yourself thinking constantly about that thing and the cravings will become unbearable.
  • Healthy Foods to Enhance Your Workout

    Like any complex machine that you want to keep running smoothly, your body requires the right fuel to maintain it in top condition and provide the energy you need to enhance your workouts.
  • The Best 3 Sports Supplements

    Novice trainers are targeted by supplement companies that try to make quick sales. This leaves the client totally confused with their lack of progress and empty wallet. So what is effective in the big bad supplement world?
  • I am on a diet. How do I keep the weight off when I come off my diet?

    I am very much AGAINST diets.  They are quick fixes and will never last in the long term.  You will find all the other professionals on this website share my opinion too - fad diets do not work, period.

    The important thing to learn when losing weight is to change your lifestyle habits permanently.  At the end of the day, if you go on a diet for a certain amount of time, you will most likely lose weight.  But when you come off this diet, that is when you begin to realise that you won't know how to eat for the rest of your life.  In the long term, the weight will inevitably creep back on.

    Generally speaking, depending upon your body and your lifestyle, you will require X amount of calories per day to maintain your current body weight. During your 'diet', typically you will consume LESS than X calories in order to lose fat.  When you lose the desired amount of fat, in a sedentary state you will require LESS calories than before because you are carrying around less body mass. The problem is that many people will revert to their previous eating habits and thus gain all the fat back.  Often additional fat is gained from binging as a result of people unhealthily starving themselves of foods during their 'diet'.  This is what is commonly known as yo-yo dieting.

    So how to combat this problem?  Number one is to educate yourself.  You should know what a calorie is.  You should also know what proteins, carbohydrates and fats are and why each of these nutrients are required by your body.  To get you started, I have written a very brief overview at:

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