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  • Top 4 Reasons to Start Using Egg Protein

    One of the most popular supplements for muscle building is whey protein but there's another muscle builder powder on the market and it just may have whey beat. We are talking, of course, about egg protein.


    Not only is it a good source of protein, but egg protein also has vitamins and nutrients that are essential to muscle building and overall health. You may be wondering why someone should take an egg protein supplement when you can simply eat eggs. You may even be weary of giving up your whey supplements. Let's take a look at the top 4 reasons to start using egg protein powder.


    No Risk for Salmonella

    To the first point mentioned above: Eating raw eggs. Some fitness enthusiasts out there are still training like Rocky, including eating raw eggs. Raw eggs DO contain a higher nutrient profile and they can help you build muscle; however, there's always the 'what if?' Raw eggs carry a risk for contracting food poisoning.


    Strict regulations have already been implemented by the governments of Australia and the United States but even with these rules for production, there may always be a chance.


    Egg protein supplements, on the other hand, are pasteurized. This process eliminates salmonella and other pathogens from eggs and decreases the risk for foodborne bacterial infection.


    No / Lower Risk for Allergic Reactions

    Whey protein supplements are made from dairy products and contain lactose. Lactose, while it has its benefits, can cause allergic reactions in some people. In these people, not only can the body not digest lactose properly, causing symptoms such as bloating, abdominal cramping, and diarrhea, but their sensitivity to the proteins in whey can also trigger an allergic reaction.


    This is not the case with egg protein supplements.  It is made from pure egg whites and because it doesn't use any dairy product, it is lactose free. For people suffering from lactose intolerance, egg protein supplements are the best choice.


    Highly Bioavailable

    Considered as a complete protein food, eggs have a high biological value measured at well over 90 out of 100. This means that egg proteins can easily be absorbed by the body to use in protein synthesis.  Compared to milk, fish, and meat, egg protein is highly bioavailable and has the highest quality because the body is able to utilize nearly all of its nutrients.


    Supports Muscle Building

    Egg whites contain a high level of naturally occurring amino acids, different vitamins such as B12 and minerals such as zinc. The amino acids found in protein are the very building blocks of muscle. They help to increase recovery, thereby supporting gains in strength and muscle mass. The nutrients found in eggs not only promote fat loss and boost energy levels but also support muscle, heart, and brain health.


    Finally, loading up on egg protein and other protein-rich food can catabolism, or protein breakdown.  This is the process by which muscles lose their mass due to excessive training, inadequate diet, and lack of recovery.



    Egg protein supplements can help you achieve your fitness goals. If you are searching for a quality egg protein supplement, check out our entire selection of egg protein here.



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