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  • Is eating tuna bad because high of Mercury levels? I eat a lot of tuna each day and feel fatigued. I have read that this is a symptom of Mercury poisoning.

    I am a firm believer in eating everything in moderation.  For every dietary plan that I supply to my clients, there will always be a mix of:

    Various meats/fish
    Nuts (whether whole or in LSA)

    Restricting yourself to a particular food may have side effects because you may be restricting yourself from a particular nutrient.  Many bodybuilders and fitness fanatics do this in a very unhealthy manner which can lead to long-term health complications.  For example, eating only banana's as fruit.  Whilst they are a great source of potassium, they are quite low in other nutrients and could easily contribute to a nutrient deficit.

    Conversely, eating too much of a particular food could have side effects too.  A common example is consuming too many carrots.  A high intake of beta-carotene could actually make your skin turn orange.

    In your case, a high intake of tuna could potentially have side effects.  Tuna has a reputation for being relatively high in mercury relative to other foods.  It's not dangerously high (otherwise it wouldn't sold in supermarkets), but a significant and regular intake could have a cumulative effect on mercury levels.

    Whilst your body can metabolise mercury, it is a slow process.  So, ingesting substantial amounts of mercury could lead to a mercury build-up over time.
    As a first resort, I would suggest to see your doctor and to test for mercury levels if this is a concern of yours.

    One course of action may be to avoid the seafood for the time being.  Instead, consume meats.  Mix up the meats - chicken breast, lean beef, turkey, low-fat ham etc.  Don't eat chicken breast exclusively either, other meats contain minerals that are required for normal functioning.  For example, turkey is rich in selenium, a good antioxidant and responsible for healthy skin, nails and hair.  Beef is rich in iron, responsible for energy and normal functioning.  A little seafood here and there may be healthy, but do not eat it exclusively.

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