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  • Obesity Gene Not as Important as Eating Habits

    More new research shows that you are what you eat, no more, and no less. Those who have double copies of the obesity gene have a 2.5 times greater risk of becoming obese; however, a high fat diet is still required to make the person obese. A low fat diet neutralises the effect of the obesity gene.
  • Fat Hormone Influences Eating Habits Regardless of Hunger

    A study by researchers at the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, has shown that leptin, a hormone produced by fat tissue, influences our motivation to eat, regardless of hunger.
  • I have just changed my eating habits and it feels like it's taking over my life!

    If you have just made a major change in your eating habits - it's going to be pretty tough as you're breaking in. Replacing those old behaviours with new behaviours isn't easy and does take some getting used to. Eventually you will fall into a pattern and things will become much easier and enjoyable the longer you stick to it.

    They say it takes 3 days to break a habit and 3 weeks to form a new one.  Okay...this isn't an exact science as I'm sure you're aware, but it does illustrate why this isn't just going to happen overnight.

    To make the change easier, ensure that you enjoy your new eating habits.  If you are white-knuckling, it's not going to work in the long-term.

  • Congratulations Jay on the results you achieved and winning the BodyBlitz challenge. I am interested in your eating habits as that was not shown in IronMan. Thanks Jay - Regards, Charmaine

    Thanks Charmaine!  I implemented quite a few strategies so that I could simultaneously gain muscle mass and metabolise body fat.

    Calorie reduction

    I would monitor my progress very closely and if my physique was not improving, then I made the appropriate caloric reductions in my daily diet.  Initially I started on a 2734 cal diet (233g Protein, 357g carbs, 42g fat). By the end of the challenge I was down to 1854 cal (224g Protein, 172g carbs, 30g fat).

    As you can see, I didn't go crazy with cutting out my carbohydrates. I'm a big fan of them for performance, growth and recovery.

    Meal frequency

    I was eating 12 - 14 meals every 24 hours (bearing in mind that a protein shake is classified as a meal)   By increasing my meal frequency, this would in turn boost my metabolism.  I would also ensure that a constant and consistent supply of nutrients was entering my system.

    Meal timing

    The vast majority of my caloric intake was consumed around my workouts (both cardio and resistance training).  I would typically consume a protein shake immediately before a workout, after a workout and another a half hour after my workout.  After this another two small meals would be ingested within the next two hours.


    I am a strong believer in the benefits of vegetables for training and general health.  Many vegetables are very low in caloric content whilst absolutely packed with micronutrients your body needs to function effectively.  Apart from that, they are great hunger suppressors - so I ate a lot of veggies!  The vegetables I ate on a regular basis included broccoli, pumpkin, cauliflower, tomato’s and carrots.

    Unprocessed Foods

    Disregarding supplements, my diet was based very heavily upon unprocessed foods.  This included whole oats, fruits, vegetables, meats, egg whites and milk.


    As soon as I awoke I would consume a bowl of oats, protein, milk and flax oil.  The last thing I would want to do is starve my body (thus inhibiting recovery, slowing my metabolism etc.), so I made a priority to eat as soon as possible.

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