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  • Almond Lychee Protein Smoothie

    This Almond Lychee Protein Smoothie recipe is made with fresh lychees, banana, and protein powder. Great for a quick breakfast or snack.
  • How much water should I drink?

    How much water you consume will depend upon your own body.  We are all different - from our genetic makeup to our daily lifestyle and exercise activities.  Someone who is 40kg will require less water than someone who is 140kg.  Thus, we all require different amounts of nutrients - water included.

    As a general rule of thumb, 2-3L is recommended for the average person.  If you perform more exercise than the average person, chances are that you will require more water, since you will lose a lot of fluids through sweating.  If this is the case, 4-5L per day is still very safe to drink.  You may even require more than 5 Litres.  Additional water will only assist fat loss and toxin excretion (within reason, of course).

    If you are unsure if you are drinking enough water during exercise, try this.  Weigh yourself prior to your exercise.  After completion, weigh yourself again.  If you have lost weight, this will be due to fluid loss primarily through sweating.  Therefore you are not drinking enough to sustain your hydration levels.  eg. A loss of 500g is equivalent to approximately half a litre of fluids.  Conversely, if you gain too much weight, you may be drinking too much.  This could hinder your performance during exercise due to bloating.

  • I sweat a lot during exercise. How much water should I drink? Can I drink too much fluid?

    It really depends upon how much you sweat to determine how much water you need to consume.  As a general rule, it is advised to consume 2-3 Litres of water per day.  However, the more exercise you perform, the more fluids you will need to ingest.  Since you mention that you sweat considerably when exercising, then your water requirements will most likely be higher than the average person.

    A good way to determine how much fluid you lose/gain during a workout is to weigh yourself before and after exercise.  If you lose half a kilogram, that's equivalent to losing half a litre of sweat.  In this case, you need to drink more to replace your bodily fluids.  Conversely, if you gain mass, you have consumed more fluids than you have lost through sweating.  Try to aim for similar before and after figures.  This will give you an indication on how much water to consume during exercise.

    With regards to water intoxication (Hyponatremia), yes this is a possibility if you consume excessive amounts of water.  Generally you're looking within the vicinity of in excess of 15L a day, or averaging over 1L per hour.  This will overload your system with fluids, lower bodily electrolyte concentration and even possibly cause swelling of the brain - which may result in death.

  • I am doing Body-for-LIFE. Should I stop drinking water for my final photos?

    Reducing your hydration levels before your photo's is very effective for the final look - but only if your body fat is low enough.  If you are at 15% body fat and you dehydrate yourself then you're simply wasting your time.  The theory behind this is that when your hydration levels are lowered, your skin appears to be "tighter" and thus exhibits more definition in your physique.

    An effective way of doing this is to slowly increase your water intake. Eventually you would want to be aiming for consistently drinking 4-5L of water per day. Then, about 3 days out from your photo's increase this to 8-9L of water. The day before your photo, limit your water to about 3L (this is quite the struggle after conditioning your system to handle large amounts of water). Then, about 18 hours prior to your shoot, cease any water intake. Ice cubes or even sipping on small amounts of water will do.

    A word of caution though, if you dehydrate yourself to any considerable extent then you will be placing a strain on your system - particularly your kidneys. I didn't go crazy with it...some people do. It's a personal choice though.

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