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  • Does the Lite n Easy diet program work for weight loss?

    Personally, I have never investigated the Lite n Easy diet program in too much detail, but I do believe that there can be many benefits by combining a healthy approach to nutrition with an appropriate exercise regime.

    I have actually had one personal training client in the past that hasn't had the time to cook her dinners after a full day at work and then her workout at the gym. What we found was an effective solution in her circumstances was to order a Lite n Easy dinner every day, which worked out quite nutritionally sound. This fit in effectively with the remainder of her exercise and dietary intake. While she was losing weight, I was able to educate her as to the benefits of correct nutrition, while she was being supplied with healthy meals.

    A couple of things that you need to look out for with Lite n Easy. It's a great convenience model approach to weight loss. However, you do need to ensure that you implement an appropriate exercise regime into your lifestyle in conjunction with the changed eating habits. In my example above, my client found that the integration of just one meal a day and our online personal training worked exceptionally well for her.

    You also need to approach such a program as the Lite n Easy diet as a lifestyle approach. Do not expect to subscribe for a finite amount of time, lose weight and then expect to be able to revert back to old lifestyle habits. If you plan on changing your eating habits, you must implement them into the long term so you achieve sustainable results. If you plan on learning how to eat in a healthy fashion by subscribing to such a programme, you must be able to continue these healthy eating habits if you plan to eventually quit and cook for yourself.

    Having said this, Liz, who wrote an article "Getting Started - A Guide for the Obese Individual" raises a very important downside to the Lite n Easy diet. She has been obese and lost a phenomenal amount of weight - yet the Lite n Easy diet failed her, but rather by hiring a personal trainer. She believes, and I agree with this based on what I have read, that the Lite n Easy approach to nutrition does not work in the long-term because they do not educate you effectively about nutrition. According to Liz, they provide you with the food and calories required to eat to lose weight, but do not teach you how to sustain this in the long-term.

    So, Lite n Easy can be advantageous if approached in the correct fashion, but only in the correct circumstances. It can be quite convenient in conjunction with a personal trainer who can be your "personal co-ordinator"  between healthy eating, exercising, education and generally following a healthy lifestyle. If you would like some specific advice, please do not hesitate to contact us regarding our online personal training services.

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