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  • Enjoy Christmas Without the Weight Gain!

    The festive season is just around the corner. Learn how to put in place strategies to avoid gaining excess weight.
  • Surviving The Silly Season

    We all know the common phrase “eat, drink and be merry” but there is a way to do all of these things without wasting all of your hard work at the gym.
  • Jay, do you stick to a strict diet on Christmas day?

    I can't wait for Christmas!

    Now to begin with, I do not consume a diet.  Diet's, in my opinion are short-term quick-fixes.  I pride myself in following a healthy lifestyle - comprised of healthy eating and exercise - that is conductive of my fitness goals.

    Personally speaking, I tend to be very strict with my eating habits at home...simply because that's how I enjoy eating (I get called crazy for this...and I guess I am in a way :P ). When I go out though, it's always nice to try some tastier dishes to stimulate the taste-buds.

    Typically our family has a large lunch comprising of vegetables, meat and desserts. My plan on Christmas day is to have a huge pile of veggies. Not only to fill me up (not that this is really possible)...but also because I love veggies and they are great for your health. Of course some meat as well (I love meat). Then everything else I'll just eat in moderation. I'll have pudding (yum)...but a relatively small serving without extra ice cream and cream. And hey, a glass of wine (or two) doesn't go astray.

    Also, prior to Christmas lunch, I will perform a HIIT cardio session. Call me crazy (again), but I actually enjoy this - particularly since I get the rush of endorphins following the 15 minute session. This enables me to really kick back and relax for the remainder of the day. Plus, my body will naturally require more nutrients for recovery purposes - the perfect reason to eat a little bit more during the day!

    I think the most important things to remember on Christmas day (and any other celebration) are:

    • Eat in moderation - enjoy the taste of a small portion, not the bloating effect of a large serving
    • Enjoy the company rather than the food - you are there to spend time with your family and not to indulge
    • Your health does not take a day off - so thinking "I'll work it off tomorrow" is a completely invalid excuse

    Finally, I eat a very sound diet on a regular basis. So on the very odd occasion that I do eat a dessert or have some drinks (mind you, NOT a binge), there is absolutely no guilt associated with this. This is because I know that a few hundred extra calories is relatively insignificant if consumed rarely.

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