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  • Food And The Power Of The Mind

    If you tell yourself that you can’t have something, you are going to find yourself thinking constantly about that thing and the cravings will become unbearable.
  • Jay, do you eat a cheat meal? What is your rationale behind a cheat meal in a healthy diet?

    You know I used to be addicted to the fast food...remember McDonalds family meals?  2 cheeseburgers, 2 big macs, 4 chips and drinks?  I used to go through all of that in 1 sitting.  Same deal with pizza and yeah you guessed it, KFC.

    Okay that's a good 5 years ago...but as soon as I tried eating a well balanced diet, I realised that the health promoting effects of a "clean" diet just made me feel so much better within myself.  It was like taking an internal bath every meal, and still to this day that's why I enjoy eating a half a kilogram of veggies twice a day as opposed to a big mac.

    I also changed my way of thinking so now I'm turned off the idea of a big mac.  Rather than focussing on the short-term benefit, ie. the taste of the hamburger, I now focus on the after-effect - how I will feel as a result of eating that food.

    Every now and then I do eat a cheat meal of some description, which I do believe is important psychologically to just let loose and not go insane with an all-out healthy eating approach.  But it's funny, every time I do eat a cheat meal like a dessert (which is pretty rare), my body just doesn't agree - as much as I enjoy the taste of it.

    Plus I found that once I began taking my exercise seriously - continually setting challenges for myself, every "clean" meal is a deposit into my fitness account.  Like for example, now I'm trying to build muscle mass.  So every "clean" meal is like taking 1 step forward toward my fitness goals.  If I decide to consume a cheat meal on the odd occasion, I may have taken 50 steps forward and only a few steps back - so there really is no guilt involved.

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