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  • Optimum Nutrition Casein vs Dymatize Casein

    Although whey protein is still the most popular and purchased supplement on the market, casein protein has received a lot of attention in the recent years. As a muscle builder, casein protein is an essential part of any resistance training workout. Studies show that the amino acids found in casein protein help to support muscle building and recovery, especially when taken before bed. (1-7) Let's take a look at two of the best brands in the business to see which one is worth the buy.


    Optimum Nutrition Casein

    Where can I buy it?

    • Here's where you can buy Optimum Nutrition Casein.


    Pros of Optimum Nutrition Casein

    Optimum Nutrition keeps it simple with its casein protein. Right away you'll notice on the label that the first ingredient is Micellar Casein. Companies wanted to create an effective and affordable substitute to native casein, which is the best casein protein in the industry. The result was micellar casein protein. It's able to be ingested and once in the stomach, it is slowly digested, providing a steady stream of amino acids over the course of hours.


    Optimum Nutrition delivers 24 grams of micellar casein and that is an excellent dosage per serving as most studies have subjects using serving size of 20 to 30 grams of protein. These amino acids may be able to help support your fitness goals in regards to muscle building and recovery time. (1-7)


    Optimum Nutrition also provides you with Aminogen, which may allow protein to be broken down and utilized more efficiently.


    Cons of Optimum Nutrition Casein

    There isn't much that you can say against Optimum Nutrition's Casein. Yes, it does contain artificial sweeteners and there is a bit of soy lecithin but at the price point you're getting it, you can't go wrong.


    Optimum Nutrition also contains polydextrose, which is a fiber substitute. Depending on your lifestyle and how you feel regarding this filler, Optimum Nutrition Casein may not be your first choice.


    Dymatize Casein

    Where can I buy it?

    • Here's where you can buy Dymatize Casein.


    Pros of Dymatize Casein

    Dymatize Casein has nearly the same formula as Optimum Nutrition with the exception of the Aminogen, which may support protein digestibility. You're getting 25 grams of casein protein with each serving and as we mentioned above, this is the sweet spot for study-based dosages. Although Dymatize Casein doesn't have the trademarked Aminogen, it does contain three digestive enzymes to promote the proper digestion of the protein.


    The one area where Dymatize really sets itself apart from Optimum Nutrition is in taste. User reviews show that all of the flavours in the Casein line-up are fantastic and fan favourites.


    Cons of Dymatize Casein

     Like Optimum Nutrition, Dymatize has several artificial sweeteners and fillers. Again, this is more of a dietary and lifestyle restriction than it is a hit against the product.


    Instead of polydextrose, Dymatize Casein contains maltodextrin, which is touted as a carbohydrate substitute. Again, this is going to be a preference thing on what you will allow yourself to consume.



    With nearly identical labels, user reviews, and testimonials, Optimum Nutrition Casein and Dymatize Casein are understandably two of the best in the industry. We thoroughly recommend both brands but since neither is superior to the other one, the decision to buy may simply come down to price. If one is one sale, grab it then wait for the other brand to fall in price. Both brands will satisfy your protein needs and help you achieve success.



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  • Casein Protein Benefits

    Casein protein is another protein supplement that, while certainly not unpopular, isn't talked about nearly as often as whey protein. Because of this, many people do not understand the benefits casein protein can have for them.

    Casein protein is a dairy protein, like whey protein. However, casein is well-known for its slow-digesting components, whereas whey protein has become the golden child due to its fast absorbing abilities. So why use casein protein if you already use whey protein?

    It's a Great Tool to Use before Going to Bed

    When you are going to sleep, you are entering a state of fasting for around 8 hours, depending on how long you sleep. On top of that comes the factor of how soon you eat after you wake up, which could extend the fast.

    In order to prime your body for growth, you need to be feeding the body the nutrients it needs to create an anabolic state. Including casein into your diet before going to bed is an excellent way to keep your body supplied with high-quality protein, and it is also slow-digesting, which means it will fuel your muscles for a longer period of time.

    While this means that whey protein is clearly the better choice after resistance training, it also means that casein protein can be very effective at times when you are not going to be eating food again for a while. And if this is after exercise, don't worry: studies show that casein protein is also effective at starting protein synthesis after exercise, just like whey protein1. While whey protein will reach your muscles quicker, casein can be used effectively if eating after exercise does not seem to be an option.

    For added benefit, be sure to include BCAA's after exercise as well, which will help prevent muscle breakdown.

    Greater Fat Loss

    When trying to lose fat, it is important to also have a good balance between protein intake and calcium intake. This helps to preserve muscle mass while in a caloric deficit, not to mention all of the benefits calcium has on the body.

    Casein protein powder has good amounts of both calcium and protein, which makes it easier on you. By supplementing your caloric deficit with casein, you are helping to maintain a good balance between the two, helping to preserve quality muscle mass while burning the fat away.

    Great Combination with Whey Protein

    People are always searching for the fastest way possible to build muscle. After all, everyone wants to be strong and look strong, and we don't want to waste our time doing unnecessary things.

    Well, one study that came out showed that combining whey and casein post-exercise can greatly enhance lean muscle mass gains2. This is due to the two having different benefits that actually blend very well together, since whey being fast acting, while casein protein takes longer.


    As you can see, casein is actually a very versatile form of protein that can be included multiple ways into your current diet. By using it before bedtime, or post-workout with a whey protein, you are adding another layer of benefits onto your current nutrition regimen, and will help facilitate more muscle growth, and even fat loss.

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  • Casein Protein: The Night-Time Protein

    Casein protein make it possible to feed your body whilst you sleep at night for better muscle-sparing gains!
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