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  • Do You Need Bodybuilding Supplements to Build Muscle?

    Perform a search on the internet and you'll find almost every supplement store and supplement manufacturer expressing the necessity for supplement consumption to gain muscle mass.

    Albeit yes, we do have a supplement store ourselves, however our blog is not designed to sell products, but rather to provide an informed decision based on articles written by professionals.

    So, do you need bodybuilding supplements to build muscle?

    The simple answer is no. However, if you have been reading through the articles contained within this blog, you'll know that there is more to this discussion than that.

    Supplementation is a growing market, simply because there are many high quality supplements available to assist in accomplishing muscle gaining goals. There is plenty of science to back up the effectiveness of many supplements readily available and many people find great value in utilising supplements to their advantage.

    This is not to say that supplements are necessary. In order to gain muscle, you require several critical elements, two of particular importance include:

    1. An appropriate overload on the muscle (eg. exercise can provide the necessary stimulus to induce muscle growth).
    2. Effective nutrition in order to supply the appropriate nutrients to your body so it has the "raw ingredients" available to synthesise new muscle tissue.

    Supplementation falls under the latter point, nutrition.

    With good nutrition from food alone, you can obtain high quality nutrients, such as proteins (from eggs, meat, dairy, poultry, seafood), carbohydrates (from many varieties of plant foods) and fats (from oils, nuts, fish, seeds) that are necessary to gain muscle tissue.

    Using wholefood alone, you will be able to gain notable amounts of muscle. However, supplementation has the ability to enhance your muscle building progress significantly.

    In effect, supplementation is not a necessity to gain muscle - it is an advantage.

    ...and a significant one at that.

    The advantage lies in the ability to get more "bang for your buck" from each workout. With wholefood alone, your body may only be able to synthesise a fraction of the muscle tissue it would otherwise be able to build with an effective supplementation approach.

    Supplementing with bodybuilding supplements can have several advantages relative to consuming wholefoods. Let's get more specific:

    1. Speed of absorption.Supplements are much more highly refined than natural foods. As a consequence, our body's are able to digest many much faster than a whole food. For example, while the proteins found in milk may take many hours to absorb, whey proteins from bodybuilding supplements (derived from milk) may take less than an hour. Similarly, while the sugars from a fruit may take 2-3 hous for absorption, the sugars from dextrose may take less than one hour.

    This is particularly important immediately before and after your workout when your body is effectively a "nutrient sponge". For optimal results, you need a fast-acting nutrient source to deliver the necessary amino acids and carbohyrates needed for muscle growth.

    2. Quality of macronutrients. With respect to proteins, they are evaluated by quality with the use of a scale known as their "Biological Value", or "BV". Egg has a BV of 100, while milk is slightly lower and fish/poultry/meat is lower still. Vegetable proteins fall even lower on the scale. The scale measures how effectively our body's are able to utilise the proteins contained in the food source.

    Many good quality protein powders actually have a BV in excess of 100, indicating a much greater protein utilisation within the body. This is important when aiming to build muscle, as good quality protein is a vital ingredient for quality muscle growth.

    In money terms, supplementation allows you to obtain a greater return on the investment you make with your training sessions. If you're strapped for cash or just aiming to develop a routine, then you may choose to put off the supplementation as you would still gain advantages from exercise and good quality food alone. However, if you're serious about muscle building goals, bodybuilding supplements can assist you greatly in your endeavours.

  • Weight Loss and Bodybuilding Supplements – Advertisements, Hype and False Hopes

    You've probably been subjected to a weight loss or bodybuilding supplement advertisement implying that you could obtain a phenomenal transformation if you were to purchase that particular product. Claims such as "Lose 10kg in 3 weeks" or "Gain 5kg of muscle in a fortnight" are not a stranger to the weight loss and bodybuilding marketing industry.

    It is quite possible are that you are going to be relatively impressionable when watching such an advertisement, particularly if you're not overly familiar with the industry. We are naturally driven by the desire to be happy - and attaining an "ideal" body is often associated with a heightened sense of fulfilment. So, a product that almost promises guaranteed accomplishment of your ultimate goal can sometimes be far too emotionally driving to resist, even if the claims seem a little too good to be true. It's no wonder that the dieting industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Bodybuilding supplementation advertisements also draw upon the same emotional response as the weight loss supplements do.

    But just how true are these supplement advertisements and should you trust them? Well "technically speaking", they are true - otherwise those ads would be deemed as false advertising. Though, many are very misleading as a result of a highly subjective presentation. Let's consider two typical examples; one in each of the bodybuilding and weight loss supplementation arena's.

    The supplement ad that claims that you will gain 600% more lean mass. Often a claim like this will be highlighted and a highly subjective article will follow. The first obvious misconception about such a statement is that "lean mass" is muscle - this is incorrect. Lean mass refers to fat free tissue. Often a gain in lean mass can be attributed to an increase in fluid retention, for example. Next, we must question 600% more lean mass relative to what? Was it compared to a placebo? Delving deeper, you should then ascertain exactly how this claim was determined - was this via an objective third-party independent study, or was this conducted by the supplement company itself?

    The statement "Lose 5kg in 5 days!" Such a phrase implies that you will lose 5kg of fat in 5 days, but this is not correct. The statement suggests that 5kg of body mass can be lost in 5 days. This is not necessarily fat tissue - this could be muscle and/or fluid weight as well. Especially in the early stages of dieting, significant weight loss is common due to a reduction in fluid retention in particular.

    You could analyse almost any claim and subsequently identify that there is often a lot of "hype" associated with many of the marketing campaigns in this industry. Ultimately statements can often be quite misleading and it is your responsibility to understand exactly what is being said.

    Now please don't misunderstand - supplements are of great value in aiding you in accomplishing your health and fitness goals - otherwise we would not sell them in our supplement store. When used in an appropriate manner, they can assist you significantly in obtaining significant body transformations. Supplements, in conjunction with an appropriate and consistent exercise and dietary regime have the potential to completely transform your body, no doubt about it. What you must avoid however is developing unrealistic expectations when you do see a supplement advertisement, as this may very well be setting you up for failure.

  • Bodybuilding Supplements - The Essentials & Buying Information

    A number of our clients come to us seeking to build a substantial amount of muscle. When you're trying to build muscle, you are effectively undertaking a bodybuilding regime. So it is very common that I am asked what bodybuilding supplements are the more important ones to take as part of a muscle building nutritional programme, immediately before and after a workout.

    In my opinion, there are two absolutely essential bodybuilding supplements for pre-/post-workout supplementation:

    1. A high quality protein powder
    2. A high quality carbohydrate source

    Bodybuilding Supplements: Protein Powder

    Why is a high quality protein powder so important? A protein powder is going to provide your body with a high quality source of amino acids, which are required when synthesising new muscle tissue. Muscle synthesis will happen upon the completion of a workout, so it's really important to injest a fast-acting, high quality whey based protein powder prior to and immediately after your weights workout.

    I have blogged about protein powders before and here are a list of three high quality protein supplements that I recommend (and consequently our three best sellers):

    Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard Protein Powder 4.7kg
    AST Sports Science VP2
    Dymatize Elite Whey 4.5kg

    Click on the links to find out more about purchasing information from our online store.

    Bodybuilding Supplements: Carbohydrate Source

    Many novices overlook the importance of a fast-acting carbohydrate source. However, in order for protein synthesis to occur, insulin must be present. As I'm sure you have heard before, insulin is secreted in the prescence of carbohydrates.

    The ingestion of x grams of a high glycemic index carbohydrate will have a far greater impact on the magnitude of insulin secreted immediately after ingestion relative to x grams of a low glycemic index carbohydrate source. Considering that protein uptake is most prevalent immediately following your workout, it is vital to consume some high GI carbohydrates immediately post-workout. There is also plenty of research to suggest that high GI carbs ingested immediately prior to your workout will faciliate hypertrophy also.

    So, what carbs? I generally recommend dextrose, which you can buy relatively inexpensively. We did however recently add a brand new product to our store that you can buy:

    Dymatize Flud Waxy Maize

    Waxy maize is one of those excellent pre-/post-workout bodybuilding supplements. It costs more than dextrose, but the addition of enzymes to facilitate digestion ensure more rapid carbohydrate uptake.

    Of course there are many benefits to other supplements, but these two are what I believe are the two essential bodybuilding supplements!

  • Bodybuilding Supplements at Cheap Australian Prices!

    Well today I spent a lot of time thinking about the supplement store where we sell a number of bodybuilding supplements. Based on some feedback we received, I had a really hard think about what we could do to improve it. So, we came up with some pretty awesome shipping deals:

    1. $2 Sydney Metro Shipping (for orders over $140)
    2. Free Shipping Australia wide (for orders over $300)
    3. $9.90 shipping for all other orders

    Plus, we have the following other incentive schemes in place when ordering bodybuilding supplements:

    1. 3% rewards points awarded for online purchases (not including PayPal) - these can be redeemed for future purchases
    2. Free measuring tape for orders over $200
    3. Free body fat callipers for orders over $250

    The bodybuilding supplement brands that we currently have available include:

    Speaking from a personal note, the reason why I made the decision to introduce bodybuilding supplements for sale on Amino Z is because they are a great compliment to the personal training services that we offer. When used correctly, these products can be of amazing benefit to you reaching your goals.

    However, it is important to know how to use bodybuilding products correctly. If you are quite inexperienced and wish to achieve particular muscle building goals, don't go out and spend a thousand dollars on bodybuilding supplements! Make sure you obtain some professional advice to ensure that you will obtain the full benefits from these products.

    Also, it is important to keep in mind that supplements will do you no good if you haven't established an appropriate approach to both nutrition and exercise. As a personal trainer, I see a number of people aspiring to build muscle mass, who have invested thousands of dollars into supplements, yet go out and eat take-away on a regular basis. You need to establish a balance that will be conductive of muscle gain. I have blogged about this in the past, so feel free to go through the various articles that are available on the website.

    So having said that, I hope that you can make the most of the bodybuilding supplements that we have on offer. We have ensured that they are at highly competitive and cheap prices and you will receive the best online service!

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