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  • How to Win the BodyBlitz 12 Week Transformation Challenge

    So, you've made the decision to enter BodyBlitz? Are you looking to win the monthly prize...or even the yearly grand prize? If so, you've come to the right place.

    In 2005, I won the male Australian BodyBlitz competition, run by Australian Ironman. Australian Women's Health & Fitness run the female version of this competition (both magazines are owned by the same company, Blitz Publications). To give you an idea of my change over 12 weeks, here are the before and after photo's:

    2005 BodyBlitz Champion Transformation Photos


    Yes, these photo's are legitimate and were good enough to play a role in winning the 2005 title. So how do you obtain a similar result to give yourself every chance at being crowned winner?

    First things first - if you are serious about winning Bodyblitz, you need to give this 12 week period one-hundred percent effort. As a fitness professional, I do not recommend this approach for just anyone. If you have struggled with your weight for years and cannot adhere to a basic exercise/dietary routine, it may be wise to opt for a less demanding and sustainable approach. By all means, you can still enter the BodyBlitz challenge as a powerful motivational tool. However actually winning the competition means that you need to put in that little bit more to surpass the transformations of everyone else.

    One hundred percent effort requires dedication to both an effective exercise and nutritional programme. It requires you to remain accountable to yourself and give every workout everything that you have. It means intensity, dedication and consistency. This is very important to understand before you begin the BodyBlitz challenge. If you enjoy a challenge, then this approach is for you!

    In addition to this, you must also understand that there is no particular "way" to win BodyBlitz. The prior winners (myself included) have all followed an approach that is optimal for their own body's. This article is not about what exercises you should perform, nor what foods you should eat; as this will vary from individual to individual based on your goals, preferences, genetics, training experience etc.

    Now that we have established the premise of this article, we can discuss how you are actually going to win the competition. I would strongly recommend that you obtain at least some training experience prior to embarking upon this challenge. It is important that you understand how your body works, how to exercise safely and effectively. This is not a necessity - many winners have had no training experience in the past. I do however feel that this personal experience will only aid you in your endeavours.

    It is also important to determine your specific goals. It is not sufficient to think that you want to lose some weight. You need to be specific and measurable when developing your goals. Furthermore, you need to write them down and set a deadline. You may be interested in reading an article that I published on goal setting.

    Next, a plan is necessary. How are you going to accomplish these goals? Over a 12 week period, you have a very limited amount of time. You cannot afford to waste a single workout, so you need to ensure that every cardiovascular and resistance based workout is fine-tuned for maximum effect. You also need to plan out your dietary approach to ensure maximum results. Also, how are these plans going to change over the 12 week period? Of course you cannot plan every little detail out before you begin the challenge (plans change and you need to be flexible), though it is important to have some idea of how your training and nutritional plans will be adapted over the course of the BodyBlitz challenge.

    Part of planning is planning your supplementation strategy. For maximum results, you may consider the basics; protein powder, creatine, dextrose and vitamins. Glutamine and weight loss supplements may also assist you in accomplishing your goals. Ensure that you purchase all of your supplements prior to beginning the challenge - there is nothing worse than running out and minimising your results! Of course, these are very general recommendations and your supplementation strategy will vary greatly depending upon your goals.

    As you progress through your challenge, you need to measure your progress objectively. Measure and weigh yourself weekly. To compliment your measurements, take fortnightly photographs and assess your physique visually as objectively as possible. If the figures are not changing in the desired manner, you need to make some changes to your approach. You must also analyse your progress with your resistance and cardiovascular results. If you are stuck in a plateau, there may be something wrong with your training and/or nutritional approach.

    Ultimately with the BodyBlitz challenge, it comes down to your photo's and your essay. If you do push yourself during this period of time, I promise that you will learn A LOT about yourself. The changes that your body undergoes will be a physical manifestation of how you matured on the inside. This will show through in both the photo's and the essay.

    If, after reading this post, you feel that you are ready to give the BodyBlitz challenge a real serious go, then I would strongly recommend that you read my book, written as a "how-to" guide for the BodyBlitz. The paperback book spans over 200 pages and discusses every aspect to this challenge. For more information, please check out How to Transform the Average Joe in 12 Weeks.

  • My Trip To Europe

    Now for some lighter reading, here's a bit of a run-down on my trip to Europe! Hard work really does pay off when you reward yourself!
  • I want to do the BodyBlitz Challenge but I am really lacking a support group. Since high school the weight has piled on - how can I get through this emotionally?

    A 12 week challenge can be tough, particularly without an external support group.  You will most likely endure high's and low's as your lifestyle goes topsy-turvey...but it is of so much benefit to have other's providing encouragement and advice throughout the challenge.  Unfortunately not everyone will support you in your endeavours (as I experienced first hand myself), so I really feel that a support group is a vital factor in determining your success.

    If you're unable to find family or friends who will undertake the challenge with you, hop on our discussion forum.  During my challenge, I found a forum to be of excellent encouragement - particularly when you are discussing matters that everyone on the forum can relate to.

    Also, consider a personal trainer.  A 1on1 personal trainer is a great idea if you can find someone local who you feel comfortable with.  Alternatively, online personal training can be just as effective.  A personal trainer will provide you with direction, motivation, inspiration and knowledge - all key ingredients in getting through the 12 weeks successfully.

    I hope this is of help and all the best of luck with your goals!

  • Jay Bonaretti - Feb 2006 BodyBlitz Interview

    An interview with Jay Bonaretti on his Australian BodyBlitz win!
  • I just completed a BodyBlitz challenge and failed! I ate healthy and exercised but lost no weight at all. I want to try another...but can't get motivated.

    When I contacted the guys over at Blitz Publications, they advised me that a very small percentage actually COMPLETE the challenge. You didn't fail at all and deserve a big congratulations for making significant changes in your lifestyle over the 12 week period. With the lack of support you received and the emotional struggle you endured, this is an achievement in itself - not many people would be able to do what you have done.

    In addition to this, if you have been eating well and exercising, there is no doubt that your health has improved. Do you not feel any better within yourself?

    Now if you're considering entering into another 12 week challenge, consider the previous challenge as a trial run. You now have some experience under your belt from which you can build upon. It is very important that educate yourself and learn how to achieve your desired goals.  An excellent resource to learn about health and fitness is this website.

    I would also highly recommend a personal trainer to provide knowledge, inspiration and motivation for you throughout your 12 week challenge.  A relatively small financial investment goes a LONG way when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

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