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  • MAX's BetaPump Black Review



    I think the team at MAX's came up with the 'Lab Series' branding because 'Mad Scientist Division' is too accurate. Wow! Max's BetaPump Black definitely delivers as far as a pre workout, pump intensifier goes!


    Taste and Solubility –

    So for the test, we were using the 'Green Apple' flavour. Taste is on point with this. I want to say, long gone are the days of horrible tasting pre-workouts. Having a tasty pre-workout is great. Having one that mixes well is better. Have both? Winning! That's exactly what we've got here.


    Breakdown –

    Ok, so first glance at the packaging and you've got two options, single or double scoop. With an abbreviated breakdown of both choices, handy right?

    I like that MAX's have put this on their label as they have addressed the fact that some (most) of us double scoop our pre-workout. Also having the option of low and high stim saves the consumer from buying two different pre-workouts.

    For the breakdown I'm just going to address some key ingredients here.

    Caffeine (163/325mg)

    The start of most pre workouts begins with good ol' caffeine. With a single scoop equivalent to 2 cups of coffee this is great for those who are caffeine sensitive. Whereas the double scoop has the equivalent to being a university student with an assignment due the next day. 325mg will be enough to wake up your average gym goer.

    Citrulline Malate (1000mg), L-Arginine HCL (750 mg) & Agmatine Sulfate (400mg)

    Now I've grouped these three together as they are the main antagonist in giving you that skin splitting pump you're chasing everyday in the gym. With a generous dosing of each, this tri-fecta will widen your veins (vasodialate), getting more blood & oxygen into your muscles. Also carrying essential nutrients for muscle growth, these 3 will have you leaving the gym with a sense of accomplishment & the almighty pump!

    L-Tyrosine (500mg)

    In the body, Tyrosine is converted into L-DOPA, which is then converted into noradrenaline & adrenaline (norepiniphren & epinephren respectively).

    BASICALLY what this means is that these two hormones are released when your body is in a 'fight or flight' situation. Which translates into, it should make you more focused & responsive while you're training.

    Beta-Alanine (1600mg)

    Another staple in every pre-workout & the culprit behind that 'tingly' feeling you either hate or love. With the dosing of this, you definitely feel the tingles within about 5-10 minutes of taking Betapump. Supplementation of beta-alanine is supposedly beneficial in decreasing fatigue in athletes and increasing overall work done.


    Cons –

    For me personally, on paper, 325mg of caffeine seemed like a decent amount. However while training, I never really got the feeling that I had just taken in so much of it. Although I was able to get through multiple training sessions, I still felt as if I was missing the intensity. Now I do recognise that this could have been from me as well, which is why I used BetaPump as my sole PWO for an entire training week.


    Value For Money –

    For a popular, well known and well respected brand such as MAX's, they have made Betapump surprisingly affordable. Sitting well under a dollar p/scoop (30 serve), this is a great PWO for a younger lifter who is new to the gym, or anyone who is money conscious looking for great value!


    Conclusion –

    Overall, BetaPump did deliver great results, time after time. Although it was lacking what can only be described as 'pushing the nitrous button' level of intensity, there was still a high level of focus & drive to each workout. For me, BetaPump is a great weekday PWO where you can scoop it at night and still get to bed without staring at your ceiling.

    If you're keen on trying it out for yourself (and I recommend it), head on over to the Max's BetaPump Black page.

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