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  • Product Review: Betancourt Nutrition B-NOX (formerly Bullnox) Androrush

    What could be better than a pre-workout that amps you up and gets you ready to crush your workout? How about a pre-workout that does all that AND helps to support healthy testosterone levels?

    Betancourt Nutrition B-NOX, formerly Bullnox, Androrush promises to do that and a whole lot more but is it all hype? Can a pre-workout really be so powerful that it can amplify your energy and testosterone levels?

    Let's take a looks at the benefits, pros, and cons of B-NOX Androrush from Betancourt Nutrition to see if it's worth buying.


    It's important to look at B-NOX Androrush from Betancourt Nutrition as two things: a pre-workout AND a testosterone booster. With that said, it has a lot to live up to. First up: B-NOX Androrush as an energy booster.

    Right out of the gate, B-NOX Androrush from Betancourt Nutrition is coming out swinging. It features an impressive energy blend that focuses on more than just caffeine. You're getting energy support in the form of stimulants AND muscle fuel. As a carbohydrate source, the maltodextrin found within is going to give your muscles the fuel it needs to keep pushing intra-workout.

    What's more, B-NOX Androrush from Betancourt Nutrition has the following heavy hitters for energy:

    • May be able to boost your intra-workout strength levels while supporting your performance.

    Dicreatine Malate
    • Converts into ATP, the preferred fuel source of muscle tissue. As a result, this type of creatine may be able to boost your workload output.

    • This raw chocolate extract may be able to boost your energy levels. It's also a useful weight loss support supplement. (1-3)

    As a form of testosterone support, B-NOX Androrush from Betancourt Nutrition has a really impressive line-up. You're getting ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6), which has been shown to support healthy testosterone levels. (4-6) It also provides several other ingredients including Tribulus terrestris extract that may be able to have a significant impact on your testosterone levels. (7)

    Combine all of this with a solid blend of amino acids, creatine, and the absorption boosting black pepper extract and what you have is a very impressive pre-workout supplement that also acts as a powerful testosterone booster.


    The biggest problem with B-NOX Androrush from Betancourt Nutrition is the fact that, like most companies, it uses a proprietary blend. While all of these ingredients are terrific, you have no idea how much you're getting of each. This is an issue because even if you're using the best of the best, if you don't have the required dose for maximum benefit then it's a waste of money. With that said, the proprietary blend of B-NOX Androrush from Betancourt Nutrition is over 15 grams. That helps to reassure the user that they are getting their money's worth.


    If you're looking for a pre-workout supplement with a huge bonus, then B-NOX Androrush from Betancourt Nutrition is what you need. Its hard hitting energy formula is backed up by a list of trusted testosterone boosters. That makes for one great supplement. If you're concerned about the proprietary blend, which we don't think you should be, then you can always double up on the dose. That will give you over 31 grams of energy and testosterone support.

    Click here to buy B-NOX Androrush from Betancourt Nutrition.


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