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  • How much Dymatize ISO-100 should I consume after a workout for muscle gain? I am also consuming <a href= alt=dextrose title=dextrose>dextrose</a>, creatine and glutamine.

    I love your supplement repertoire - simple, basic and highly effective.  Plus, you will be saving a considerable amount of money by purchasing each of these supplements individually, rather than buying a product that contains a mixture of these ingredients.

    With the Dymatize ISO-100, I would suggest consuming 1/2 - 1 scoop 10 minutes prior to your workout and 1/2-1 scoop immediately following your workout.  Your serving sizes will vary depending upon your body mass.  You also don't need multiple scoops per meal as you can only digest a certain amount of protein at any one time due to the availability of enzymes within your gut.

    Assuming that the intensity of each workout is high, ensure that you are ingesting adequate dextrose pre and post workout to induce an insulin spike (which encourages protein uptake and synthesis).  For this same reason, consume the creatine and glutamine together with your pre and/or post workout shake (as it too requires an insulin spike for uptake).

  • I no longer feel DOMS (muscle soreness or stiffness) for a few days after a workout. Does this mean that my workouts aren't as effective?

    Good question. This stiffness and soreness is called DOMS, and acronym for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. DOMS is the fitness industry jargon for microscopic damage to the muscle fibres that cause muscle soreness for up to a week following the workout.

    When you initiate a new exercise regime, DOMS is usually highly prevalent due to your muscles not being conditioned for that particular type of exercise. The more you perform a certain type of exercise, the more your muscles adapt to handle this exercise more effectively.

    One physiological adaptation is the muscle's ability to recover following a workout. This is exactly what you will be experiencing. Whilst you are still making amazing progress, you are no longer getting the same degree of soreness because your muscles are far greater equipped than previously to handle the heavy loads.

    Meanwhile, DOMS is NOT an indication of how effective your workout was. It is ONLY and indication of damage to your muscle fibres - nothing more. You can obtain significant DOMS from an ineffective workout, yet obtain no perceived DOMS at all and yet have a highly effective workout.


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