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  • I just completed a BodyBlitz challenge and failed! I ate healthy and exercised but lost no weight at all. I want to try another...but can't get motivated.

    When I contacted the guys over at Blitz Publications, they advised me that a very small percentage actually COMPLETE the challenge. You didn't fail at all and deserve a big congratulations for making significant changes in your lifestyle over the 12 week period. With the lack of support you received and the emotional struggle you endured, this is an achievement in itself - not many people would be able to do what you have done.

    In addition to this, if you have been eating well and exercising, there is no doubt that your health has improved. Do you not feel any better within yourself?

    Now if you're considering entering into another 12 week challenge, consider the previous challenge as a trial run. You now have some experience under your belt from which you can build upon. It is very important that educate yourself and learn how to achieve your desired goals.  An excellent resource to learn about health and fitness is this website.

    I would also highly recommend a personal trainer to provide knowledge, inspiration and motivation for you throughout your 12 week challenge.  A relatively small financial investment goes a LONG way when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

  • Jay, how did you achieve your dramatic 12 week BodyBlitz transformation? Did you use any tricks?

    At the end of the day there are no tricks or gimmicks - it all comes down to being educated and applying this theory effectively.

    Making the initial eating habit changes was not easy - I gave up a number of less healthier foods in my diet and relied heavily upon lean meats, fruits, vegetables, oats/muesli and flax oil/LSA mix.  However once I made these changes, not only did I feel SO much more energetic - I actually realised that these foods can also taste great!

    Secondly my exercise regime was also extremely important in order to compliment my eating.  My major goals were to lose body fat, gain muscle mass and increase my fitness levels.  This required a sound cardio and resistance training program.

    By integrating both a healthy eating lifestyle and an exercise regime I managed such a change in 12 weeks.  Now, a year later, I am in even better condition, simply because this is a new lifestyle - it wasn't a 12 week "diet".  However during my challenge, I can't say it was "easy" - if it was easy to make such significant lifestyle changes then everyone would have a 6 pack.  What is important to remember is that:

    • You need to educate yourself
    • Your lifestyle needs to be changed - permanently
    • Looking after yourself must be your number one priority
    • You need to remain focussed, continually set goals and reward yourself upon achieving those goals
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