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Supplement Reviews

  • BSN Syntha-6 Review

    BSN Syntha-6 is a unique protein supplement geared towards individuals seeking weight management, nutrition and muscle support. Though BSN's premier protein powder, we review this protein powder to see how it compares to others in the market.
  • Dymatize Micronized L-Glutamine Review

    We review Dymatize Glutamine. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid the human body, comprising over 60% of all the free amino acids in the blood and muscle tissue.
  • Scivation Whey Protein Powder Review


    When a highly accredited supplement company brings out a new product, the bodybuilding community tends to notice, and today is no different. Scivation (the makers of "Xtend") have just recently released their "Scivation Whey" to Australian consumers, and whilst the name is lacking enthusiasm let's hope the quality is just the opposite.

    Ease of Mixing - 5/5

    To be short and sweet it's quick, simple and an average 10-15 second shake produces no unpleasant lumps and bumps. I have tested in water, low and non-fat milk and all signs point to a quality product here.

    Taste - 4/5

    Here's where things get interesting; I honestly cannot tell the difference between "Scivation Whey" Chocolate flavour, and the comparative "Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey" Chocolate flavour. This has led me to believe, after many years of hearing stories, that some companies simply "procure" other companies flavour systems. Now I'm not saying that Scivation have done this, simply that the flavours taste remarkably similar. The up side is the taste is consistent and pleasant throughout, so no holding the nose whilst trying to put away one of these shakes.

    Effectiveness - 4/5

    A solid if not basic whey protein blend, and if used in conjunction with a sound eating plan this will definitely aid your recovery and muscle development. I will mention that this product didn't leave me feeling under nourished in my protein intake whilst using it; however I didn't feel like I was consuming a ground breaking formula or something special whilst using it (more on this below).

    Nutritional Analysis - 3/5

    As I have stated above this is a whey protein blend, which means it contains more than one protein source to make up the formula. "Scivation Whey" contains a mixture of both:

    • Whey Protein Concentrate
      • Slower absorption rate compared to WPI, however some users report stomach cramping when using on its own
      • Low levels of carbs and fat
    • Whey Protein Isolate
      • Faster absorption rate compared to WPC
      • Perfect for post workout usage
      • Cleaner nutrient profile for dieting (i.e. almost no carbs and fat)

    I did also notice that the nutritional panel on the box didn't include a breakdown of the Amino Acid profile of the product. I will state that I am not a fan of this, as I like to know what levels of each Amino Acid I am consuming.

    I'm also going to let you in on a little bodybuilding secret; when reading the nutritional profile of a protein blend, the protein listed first is by rule of thumb what makes up the highest percentage of protein used in the formula. Hence the majority of "Scivation Whey" is WPC.

    Now there is nothing wrong with WPC, in fact many users prefer it over WPI as they don't believe there is a cost benefit in purchasing WPI. However in a protein blend I want to see the inclusion of Casein and Egg Albumen to cover the fast and slow release proteins to support muscle nourishment over both short and long periods of time.

    One large plus I have to mention is the Sodium content; each 30g serve contains approx. 36mg of Sodium. This is extremely low compared to many other whey protein blends on the market. This is something to note because if you work a desk job (like me) and you do / used to eat a lot of canned flavoured tuna/chicken (like me) to meet you protein requirements, chances are you're eating too much sodium. So I just urge you to look at the sodium content of your food and supplements more closely and not just at the protein/carbs/fat content to next time you shop.

    Value for Money - 3/5

    For my 10lb box (approx. 160, 30g serves) I was hit a modest price which is comparable to most other whey protein blends on the market. In fact it is directly comparable to the going price of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey (am I beginning to see a trend here?).

    Overall Conclusion - 3/5

    "Scivation Whey" is a basic whey protein blend which includes the two big protein sources most people are aware of. I may be harsh in judging it because it doesn't include Casein or Egg Albumen, but I stand by my point. The whole reason protein blends exist is to cover all the bases in protein requirements. That being said, the quality of the product is high, the taste is good and it's well priced. You could do a lot worse in your protein powder purchase; so if you're currently slamming a "Scivation Whey" shake down feel at ease because there's much worse out there.

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  • Controlled Labs Purple Wraath Review

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  • Scivation Xtend Review


    BCAA products, there has been a lot of talk surrounding these products of late but is the gossip true? Or are you better off spending your money on some decent protein powder and bulk creatine monohydrate. Well Scivation have released what they believe to be the ideal BCAA formula dubbed "Xtend", and it may just be the complementary product you're been looking for to complete your supplement arsenal. So before I finish my morning power shake, let's get to it.

    Ease of Mixing - 4/5

    This unfortunately depends on the mixing technique used. Word of warning, use a shaker bottle and not a cup as the later seems to severely hamper how well the Xtend mixes with water. This being said, I have found Xtend's ability to mix with water clearly superior to any other free form BCAA product on the market. Gone are the days of choking down water with a chalky residue on top and performing the BCAA equivalent of the Milo cough afterwards.

    Taste 4/5

    This comes down to personal preference, that being said I've tried the Watermelon, Lemonade, Grape and Apple flavours, and rate them as such:

    - Grape - It tastes fantastic! Definitely reminds me of good old grape flavoured hubba bubba chewing gum.

    - Apple - Sweet with a hint of granny smith apple bitterness at the tail end.

    - Watermelon - Definitely designed to taste like Dr.Pepper, but surprisingly refreshing.

    - Lemonade - Too bitter for my taste, I was expecting something more like Kirks Lemonade, but ended up with Lemon Squash.

    Effectiveness 5/5

    Recovery, recovery, recovery people; the quicker all you potential gym junkies learn this, the quicker you will be on the road to gains. Xtend is fantastic at speeding recovery; I have been using it for the past year and have reduced my DOMS (Delayed onset of muscle soreness) tenfold. Depending on the method used for dosage, and the thickness of your wallet Xtend can truly become one of your "staple" supplements as it's really as good as the ads say.

    Nutritional Analysis 4/5

    Now onto a somewhat brief overview of the scientific base behind the components that make up Scivation Xtend, it contains:

    - 2-1-1 ratio of:

    • L-Leucine - an essential amino acid and is considered to be the strongest and most important BCAA for inducing anabolism because of its involvement in stimulating the signal for protein synthesis in skeletal muscle. Also produces a spike in plasma leucine levels further activating anabolic pathways in the body.
    • L-Isoleucine - an essential amino acid that is primarily used to help improve endurance, speed up/aid healing and repair of muscle tissue, as well as stimulate clotting at the site of injury (i.e. muscle tears created during resistance training).
    • L-Valine - an essential amino acid that is required for the smooth functioning of the central nervous system and the brain. Valine is also paramount for maintaining proper muscle function and immune system regulation.
    • BCAA's are great in supplement form because they do not require the liver to be metabolised, they are directly metabolised by the muscles themselves. Thus getting the good stuff where you want it quicker!

    - Citrulline Malate (CM) - aids in prevention of lactic acid build up during muscle stress (i.e. the burn you feel late in a set), this aids in boosting reps per set able to be performed. In addition CM can actively reduce muscle soreness post workout (DOMS).

    - Vitamin B6 - if dosage level is sufficient, B6 has been shown to increase growth hormone levels. It is also a necessary vitamin for protein metabolism.

    Value for Money 3/5

    Quite affordable dependant on personal usage and size of container purchased. I would recommend if you can afford it to purchase the large container (approx 90 serves), as this will save you a truck load of cash if the supplement is used on a regular basis.

    Overall Conclusion 4/5

    Scivation Xtend is a BCAA product that is best used in at least one of the following ways:

    - Between Meals - keeping plasma levels high between meals thus reducing catabolism (i.e. muscle breakdown).

    - Intra Workout - a very popular way to dose Xtend, as using the product this way can limit the amount of muscular damage experienced during resistance training. There is also a belief that dosing with BCAA during a workout can actively turn a workout which is catabolic by nature; into a neutral or anabolic experience due to the increased blood flow further speeding up the BCAA transport to the muscles.

    - Post Workout - can be used as an addition to your post workout shake to provide an even quicker uptake of amino acids to the muscle cells thus helping you recover faster.

    You can buy Scivation Xtend from our supplement store!

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