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Supplement Reviews

  • PrimaForce Max CLA Review

    Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) has been shown to help with fat loss. We review Primaforce Max CLA to see how it stands up to the others in the weight loss market.
  • Dymatize Nutrition Energized Xpand Review


    Pre-Workout supplements, Nitric Oxide boosters, Workout amplifiers, Energy enhancers; whatever you refer to them as, they're all essentially the same product consisting of a concoction of ingredients all of which you will have a hard time determining quantities of. Welcome to the wonderful world of new age supplementation; as these products will attempt to lure you into their outlandish claims of increased vascularity, strength, energy, etc. So do they deliver in their claims, or is your money better spent on a fillet mignon and baked potato? Today we will check out one of Dymatize Nutrition's nitric oxide products "Energized Xpand", and attempt to answer that question.

    Ease of Mixing - 5/5

    No problems here just make sure you mix this stuff in a cup with a spoon and not in a shaker bottle because if you choose the latter chances are you'll end up with about $5 of N.O supplement all over you and your clothes. This stuff reacts like you would expect a shaken up can of Coke would. Consider yourself warned.

    Taste 3/5

    I tested the Grape flavour and all things considered the taste isn't too bad for a N.O supplement, quite artificial but definitely not bad. The one thing to remember when mixing N.O supplements is to always use more water than the container recommends, as in my experience the flavour is always a little too intense.

    Effectiveness 3/5

    Effectiveness of a N.O product can be hugely dependant on the person; I know the first time I took one I experienced heart arrhythmia which scared me off them after that initial use.

    I have long since learnt that it was due to the Caffeine in the product. Now there are non-caffeinated N.O products available but for today we will focus on the regular highly caffeinated products. For the purest N.O product results it's recommended you consume your serve (or 2) on an empty stomach. Note: some users have been known to experience laxative type effects, stomach cramping and or the jitters using this technique, so if you are prone to these types of conditions assess your tolerance at a safer time before you go to the gym; as there's nothing worse than being deep in the hole during a squat session only to have your back end fail you.

    I decided to dose the product as recommended and found I did experience some of the laxative effects, nothing major however. I also noticed a jittery feeling as the session went on, which I really didn't like. This feeling is generally due to the caffeine hit your body experiences from the product. Thus I use these products only on days when I'm really tired and need that extra kick to get going on a lift day.

    Nutritional Analysis 4/5

    Much like most major N.O products, "Energized Xpand" appears to be a solid supporter of the "more ingredients is better" approach. It's no Muscletech NaNO Vapour, but the list is still rather bloated.
    In addition due to all the patents supplement companies have on their products you never know what amounts of each ingredient you're consuming. For e.g. "Creatine Ester Fusion", "Arginine Fusion", "Glutamine Fusion", "Xpansion Matrix" and "Energized Matrix". Basically what they above jargon means is that "Energized Xpand" contains a selection of creatine sources, glutamine sources, arginine sources, citrulline and caffeine; pretty much stock standard stuff for a N.O product.

    Value for Money 4/5

    As N.O products have become more main stream, their price have inevitably dropped; the same rings true for "Energized Xpand" as the 40 serve container I purchased set me back slightly less than that of the BSN and Muscletech N.O variants. Thus there is definitely value to be found in this product.

    Overall Conclusion 3/5

    Overall Dymatize's N.O offering "Energized Xpand" fits right into the target market without any major plus's or negatives. It's a solid offering, well priced and doesn't have any ingredients in it that make you think "why is that there?"

    I'm personally not a major fan of N.O products as I think too many inexperienced lifters see the containers and think these things will morph them into a Ronnie Coleman lookalike. Let me tell you this... they won't, you are better off eating a solid meal before you hit the weights, as it will treat you better in both mind and body. In addition you probably won't be making a not so smooth dash to the toilet after ingestion either.

    These products do have their place mind you, I personally feel that they can get you through a workout if you are feeling really sluggish or are running short on time and cannot fit in a proper meal beforehand. So if you're thinking of shelling out some cash for some N.O supplements, remember they can aid you in your goals but they aren't going to replace hard work and proper diet.

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  • Gaspari Nutrition Superpump 250 Review

    The Gaspari Nutrition Superpump 250 is a pre-workout supplement claiming to enhance your workout, improve vascularity and increase muscle mass. We find out in this Gaspari Nutrition Superpump 250 review.
  • Syntrax Nectar WPI Protein Powder Review


    "Syntrax, I've never heard of them". Sound familiar? Well this is the reply I got from a few gym rats I spoke to at my local the other day when I was enquiring about the company. Syntrax by all counts appear to be predominately aiming directly at the mainstream consumer or weekend warrior crowd, so if you're a bodybuilder that's probably why you haven't heard much goss around these guys. On the other hand, if you've flicked through any one of the hundreds of fitness mags at your local news stand lately, you've no doubt seen an add or two from Syntrax. "Nectar" is Syntrax's flagship Whey Protein Isolate product, and from what I've noticed it seems to be in a huge percentage of shaker bottles in my gym. So is it worth a look? Let's find out.

    Ease of Mixing - 3/5

    With my trusty shaker bottle in hand, I tossed a single 30g serve into 300mls of tap water and shook that bad boy like a mad man for about 10 seconds. Results? Hmmm definitely no solids or chunks left in the shaker, but I noticed a good 10cm of foam resting on top of the mixed solution. In pub terms this baby had way to much head on her.

    Now I tend to give my shakes a good thrashing, but I've never experienced something like this. I even left the shake on my desk for 10 mins to settle whilst I went to discuss some work with a colleague. Upon my return I noticed only a slight reduction in foam; hence I was forced to drink a foamy shake, not a good experience.

    Taste 3.5/5

    "Best Tasting Protein On The Market" is the direct quote I've pulled from the containers label. A big call considering BSN have also made this claim, and to be honest after trying their "True Mass" it's going to be an uphill battle for Syntrax.

    My test flavour turned out to be the interestingly dubbed "Fuzzy Nazel". It's a peach/orange flavour of which I have never seen the like. I applaud Syntrax for their ingenuity and out of the box thinking in this regard, as I'm sure I'm not the only fitness freak who's tired of the old Choc, Vanilla, Strawberry concoctions on the market today.

    This being said, the taste isn't going to blow you away. However I can honestly state I'd rather drink a flavour like this after a gruelling workout than my usual chocolate shake. It feels a little softer on the stomach, which is always a good thing.

    Effectiveness 4/5

    Any time I recommend supplements, I only do so on the pre-condition that the trainer is following a correct diet. No change today I'm afraid. So Eat healthy, exercise correctly and supplement only after these two are in check.

    Nutritional Analysis 4/5

    "Nectar" is a WPI supplement of which the benefits are:

    • Whey Protein Isolate
      • Faster absorption rate compared to WPC
      • Perfect for post workout usage
      • Cleaner nutrient profile for dieting (i.e. almost no carbs and fat)
      • Syntrax doesn't note how the WPI is derived.

    "Nectar" is a pure WPI supplement with zero fat and carbs; hence it's perfect for the trainer who's dieting or watching their fat and/or carbohydrate intake. This means it's also perfect for anybody following a ketogenic diet.

    Value for Money 3/5

    It's not cheap I'm afraid to say, there are many cheaper WPI supplements on the market all of which can essentially do the same thing as "Syntrax Nectar". That being said it's not overpriced for the quality of the product.

    Overall Conclusion 3/5

    "Syntrax" is opening new doors with its WPI product "Nectar". It's also going to be a god-send for trainers who are sick and tired of the run of the mill protein flavours provided by the bulk of the competition. So if you're looking to try a completely different flavour and WPI experience, I urge you to give "Syntrax Nectar" a shot, who knows they may have just begun to set a trend.

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  • MuscleTech NaNO Vapour Review

    This MuscleTech NaNO Vapour review considers MuscleTech’s contribution in the pre-workout (NO) Nitric Oxide supplement category.
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