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Weight Loss Questions

  • How do I tone up my tummy? I have lost 12 kg but my waist is reducing slower than the rest of my body.

    Here's the thing - you cannot pick a particular site of your body to lose weight from.  This is a misconception known as "spot reduction" which has no scientific evidence to support the notion that one can target an area of the body to lose fat tissue from.

    This means that in order to tone your tummy area, an excess number of crunches (or other abdominal exercise) will not necessarily encourage fat metabolism from this area.  You will however need to continue focussing on weight loss through nutritional and exercise implementation.  Eventually, you will see a reduction of body fat around the waist area.

    Of course toning comprises both of fat loss and muscle gain.  So in order to assist in muscle development around the abdominal area, you will also need to implement a resistance training regime which will be conductive of rectus abdominus development.  Such a program would incorporate crunches or similar exercises.

  • Will this diet help me lose weight: 60g low GI carbs for breakfast, 20g for lunch and 10g of carbs plus steak for dinner?

    Professionally speaking, I would never prescribe a diet like this to a client because it is excessively restrictive in nature.  To answer your question, you may very well lose weight on this diet, but, have you considered the following:

    • What is the likelihood that you'll be able to adhere to this in the long-term?
      Chances are that a diet that is so restrictive will not hold up in a month or even a years time.  So why bother starting something that you cannot see through?  Why not develop some healthy eating habits that will encourage a lower bodyweight for the rest of your life?
    • Are you performing any exercise?
      If not, you should consider developing an exercise regime to assist in weight loss and also promote general health.
      If you are planning on initiating an exercise regime, you need to plan for this with your nutritional intake.  Nutrition is vital in complimenting an exercise routine in order to promote recovery, muscle growth and aid fat loss.

    These are two major concerns with this diet.  Here are some other aspects that I would change with this approach:

    • 3 meals a day is far less effective than 5-6 meals a day.
    • There seems to be too much emphasis on "carbs" - what about all of the other nutrients such as proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients?  These are all sourced from a well balanced diet.
    • Eating steak 7 times a week is excessive and will almost certainly not provide you with all the necessary nutrients that can be sourced from other meats, poultry and fish.

    I would strongly recommend that you review an article we published on yo-yo dieting entitled "

    Yo-Yo Dieting - No-No Dieting

  • What is the best way to lose weight and become fit? I am a 14 year old girl with a BMI of 27.1 and have lost 7kg since the new year.

    Wow, what an amazing achievement!  Congratulations on losing 7kg already this year!!

    At 14 years of age, you are in prime position to lose weight.  Your metabolism will be at it's peak and your ability to improve your level of fitness will never be greater.  It's obvious that you're taking advantage of your age right now which is great!

    Now here's the thing, a combination of both weight training and cardiovascular training is going to be optimal for weight loss.  There's plenty of information on cardio training on this website.  If you don't have any medical considerations that would inhibit you from interval training, I would suggest taking a look at this to really enhance both fitness and fat loss.

    With regards to resistance training, at 14, your bones are still developing, so you need to be careful with what weights you lift.  In actual fact, you can stunt your growth by lifting weights on particular exercises that place pressure down the spine.  Another factor to consider is that at 14, your core strength would be quite weak as compared to a fully grown adult.  Consequently, this will be a major consideration with your weight training regime in order to avoid injury (you don't want arthritis in your back in your 20's!).

    Now with such limited information provided to me, I cannot provide you with a specific plan.  I of course need information such as your lifestyle, medical history, injuries (if any), exercise experience etc.  What I would suggest is to get in touch with a professional personal trainer that you feel comfortable with to discuss your goals in more detail.  From there, they can tailor up a safe and effective plan to continue your weight loss and fitness improvement.

    We of course offer professional personal training services, so please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • How do you get a toned body? Can't you just avoid eating bad foods, stay active and perform exercises you enjoy?

    Weight loss in itself is fairly simple - you can watch what you eat, perform exercise that you enjoy and stay fairly active.  Most people can do this and see some short term results with regards to their bodyweight.  After all, your body shape is a function of the environment that you subject it to.

    The problem with weight loss is adhering to a program and seeing mid/long-term results.  Inevitably, you will hit a brick wall (or a plateau) and you will have to adjust your approach in order to overcome this barrier.  There are also many highly prevalent psychological barriers that prevent many people from losing weight - anything and everything including binging, falling out of a routine, low energy levels, mood, hormonal changes, discouragement, boredom etc.

    Now toning is another step into weight loss.  Toning is actually improving the definition of your body which is going to be the combination of both fat loss and also muscle gain.  Here's where it gets tricky.  Not only do you have to worry about the weight loss (that many people struggle with on their own) - you also have to develop a structured and effective regime that is conductive of a little bit of muscle gain.

    By simply eating healthy foods, being active and performing exercises that you enjoy, there is no guarantee that you will obtain a toned body.  Here are some questions to consider:

    • Is the exercise regime conductive of both fat loss and muscle gain?
    • Does my nutritional approach support fat loss and muscle gain?
    • Am I able to maintain this routine in the long-term?
    • Am I performing these exercises with correct execution for optimal results?
    • Am I making the desired progress by assessing in an objective fashion?

    Of course, there are many more considerations, but these are some primary questions to ask yourself.

    There is a wealth of information available on this website that deal with all of these issues along with much of the science behind muscle gain and fat loss.  I would highly recommend that you read through the thousands of pages available to broaden your knowledge on the subject.

    If you are serious about achieving your goals and would like some professional assistance, please consider our personal training services.

  • I have depression and want to lose weight. I have gained 23kg. Can I lose this weight in 3 months?

    It is common for depression to have a significant impact on body weight.  Depression can pose a number of symptoms that can inhibit weight loss and encourage weight gain.  Some of these include binge eating, loss of appetite, poor/interrupted sleep cycles and lack of motivation, only to name a few.

    Exercise and correct nutrition can have a wealth of benefits if you are suffering from depression.  For example, B group vitamins can promote proper functioning of the brain and can be important in overcoming clinical depression.  Exercise and losing weight can also promote a sense of achievement and well being that can help to improve self-esteem, self-image confidence and self-worth.

    Considering your situation specifically, I have no doubt that you can lose the weight that you have gained.  If you were to apply yourself to establish new lifestyle habits that supported your desired weight loss, then you have every chance in the world to progress toward your weight loss goals.

    Whether or not you can lose 23kg in three months will depend upon how your body responds to weight loss.  But here's the secret to success.  Rather than trying to lose all of this weight in twelve weeks, I would recommend initially focusing on just establishing a new routine that supports weight loss.  From there, set weekly or monthly goals.  You may lose 2 or 6kg in a month - the main focus should be that you are well on your way to your ultimate goal of 23kg of weight loss.  Take each day as it comes and continue to put one foot in front of the other.

    If you would like some professional assistance to provide motivation and accountability, please check out our online personal training

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