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Weight Loss Questions

  • Jay, why would you want to slowly lose body fat?

    I am currently performing a cut (ie. losing body fat) and I basically want to spread the cutting over the remaining 7 weeks so I get in the condition I want to be in a week or two before my end date.

    Currently I am at about 8% bodyfat.  I COULD cut down to my goal bodyfat (about 5-6%) in 1-2 weeks time. However by doing this I would severely restrict my caloric intake and do a ridiculus amount of cardio. As a result, my body would be in a severely catabolic state. I would therefore lose a significant amount of muscle mass which would take me quite possibly a couple of months to get back again.

    By stretching the cutting process out, I will gradually lower my bodyfat week by week. As a result my body will be in a much less significant caloric defecit and hence not lose nearly as much muscle mass when in a catabolic state. But, by feeding my body and performing weights/cardio effectively, I expect to have hypertrophy and strength gains simultaneously with my fat loss. I did this during my challenge and will conduct a similar regime now by "directing" nutrients to my muscles to grow and steering calories away from being stored as fat.

    At the end of the day, it all comes down to -


    - the right foods (eg. carbs: oats vs jelly beans, protein: egg vs soy, fat: sausage vs flax oil)
    - at the right times (eg. post workout vs before bed)
    - the right amount (eg. not consuming 2,000 calories in a sitting)


    - an efficient way (eg. HIIT vs low intensity)
    - at the right times (eg. weights & cardio split vs together)
    - the right amount (eg. limiting the duration of your workouts)

    and resting:

    - an effective way (eg. sitting on your butt and sleeping properly)
    - at the right times (eg. after your workout)
    - the right amount (so your body can recovery effectively)

    You can check out my current training journal, goals and progress photos in the !

  • At the moment I'm pretty beef at 510' 170 pounds. I would like to obtain some advice on how to get ripped. Thanks.

    To begin with, there's a lot of crap going around with regards to fat loss - yes you can train many ways (eg. the "fat burning zone"), but there are also many other MORE efficient ways to train.

    I very highly recommend reading an article I wrote entitled "The Fat Burning Zonecarbohydrates and proteins) following your workouts for recovery. I have answered a few Q&A's on my website that deal with similar issues in a bit more detail.

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