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Nutrition Questions

  • Hi guys; I'm 108 kg male 45 YO into bodybuilding looking to bulk up a little and lose a little more fat. I'm currently around 15% bodyfat. I'm really struggling to find a decent diet planner to help work out exactly how much protein and carbs I need to achieve my goals. Any help would be great; Thanks!

    Hi! A good guide is to follow recommended standards based on your bodyweight and energy expenditure. 

    Play around with these numbers by tracking and recording your macronutrient intakes:

    Protein: up to 2g/kg bodyweight = 2 x 108 = 216grams protein per day

    Carbs: bulking phase: up to 5g/kg bodyweight = 5 x 108 = 540grams carbs per day

    Carbs: Cutting phase: up to 2g/ kg x 108 = 216 grams protein per day

    As you'll notice, your intake should change based on the phase or cycle that you are currently in. Bulking up muscle mass is the 1st and 2nd stage of your macrocycle. You'll need more carbs to feed a greater energy output and greater recovery needs. To cut, your workouts will be less intense, and you'll be able to manage cutting down fat with less carb. 

    Good luck!

  • Hi, I eat 4 small/healthy meals per day (7am, 11am, 3pm & 7pm). If I eat at 7pm, how long should I wait before working out with free weights? Also, after finishing weights at about 8:30, is that too late to have a protein shake? Thanks!

    Hi! Good plan for the meals! Since the 7pm meal is the last of your day, you can work out with weights at any time. Your muscles will be carrying fuel from your earlier meals, so the timing shouldn't have a huge impact, as long as you feel like you can exericse! 

    It is not too late to have a good protein shake at any hour. You may choose a blended casein protein which digests proteins at varying rates throughout your sleep, and won't cause any weight gain. Just be sure the sugar count is low (2g or less) and the protein is high quality. 

  • Hey I'm wondering if you have any cheap bcaa not in capsules as I've been told that it will help me gain muscle.

    Hi, BCAA's are "branched chain amino acids", a specific type of amino acids (which make up proteins). There are 3 of them: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Basically, these are absorbed and distributed faster because they bypass the liver during metabolism. Check out this selection of BCAA's:


    This is a short list- we have a lot of powders and RTD items that have a solid serving of BCAA's.

    Basically, you can get a regular, really good quality protein mix, and take a look at the amino acid profile on the label to compare how much of each of the 3 BCAA's is giving you. Check out the reviews for flavour, and you're all set to pick one.

  • What is the best way to cut without losing muscle? Also, what calorie calculator or method do you recommend for determining daily calories for cutting?

    I would recommend that you stay away from calculating calories, and focus more on the content of your food. Consume the right mixture of proteins / carbs / fats and you'll find that you start losing fat quickly, but still get enough calories to maintain your muscle mass by eating when you want. Follow these basic rules:

    -Cut out as many carbs/ sugars as possible after 4pm or so (except a small amount after training, if you workout in the evenings). Eat fruits to get your daily glucose needs rather than breads and pasta's

    -Increase your protein intake to ensure you do not atrophy as a result of the reduced carb calories. Eat meat at every meal to REALLY lean up.

    -Increase fat intake to make up for the reduced sugars. This will keep your energy up, and help to kick start your fat burning energy cycle.

    Finally, continue workout out, and you won't lose strength or muscle!

  • What do you think of going paleo?

    It is not a bad idea to go paleo, or even the lesser extreme: primal. This form of diet/ nutrition is based on some solid theory and arguments. As long as you are getting all of your nutritional requirements, there shouldnt' be a problem. A challenge for most is getting the variety. When you look for paleo/ primal food options, focus on new items, different veggies, including more nuts and fruits, and small portions of naturally raised / free range meats and fish. 

    You will undoubtedly lose weight if you are overweight because your sugar/ carb count will drop significantly. If you are healthy weight, most people report feeling tired and lathargic for the first week until they adjust to the low carb diet. Then they feel better, less bloated, alert, etc. remember that fat is your friend on the paleo/ primal diet!

    Go ahead and see how it works for you! 

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