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Nutrition Questions

  • Is avocado a good source of fat?

    It tastes great and I believe that avocado is a great source of fats, vitamins and minerals - all essential when building a great physique.

    When looking at the nutritional profile, avocado primarily contains oleic acid (a mono-unsaturated fat). Check out the full profile here.

    Other great sources of fat include flaxseed oil and LSA mix.

  • Jay, what's your take on breakfast cereals?

    It's my honest opinion that the vast majority of breakfast cereals are like candy with little or no nutritional value. There are a lot that are marketed as 'healthy' or 'high in fibre' or 'low in fat' - but when you look at the crap that is often thrown into the ingredients list, it's a completely different story.

    There's a whole stash in the AZ Food Database where you can see exactly what I mean. You can also see that a lot of them have very high GI values - often something that is neglected when advertising these products.

    Personally I'll go for anything natural - oats, muesli and even something like weet-bix. As far as I'm concerned, the less processed the better.

  • All these supplements scare me - are they safe?

    Generally, yes. I say generally because even though they are mostly natural products, if abused then can become dangerous. Supplements are often touted as safe, natural alternatives to more harmful substances such as anabolic steroids. This would be a correct assumption, but some caution still needs to be taken. Some of today's most effective supplements, such as pro-hormones and thermogenic products are very effective at producing results, but many people feel that because they are 'natural' products, then they are 100% safe. This is where people can get into trouble. Supplement manufacturers make recommendations on dosages from sounds judgements based on scientific research and real world applications.

    To ensure that your supplement program is not only effective but safe as well, stick to the directions on the bottle. If you have more questions about a particular product, you can always contact the manufacturer.

  • How much food do I need a day?

    The amount of food you need a day depends on entirely what your physique goals are. If you want to INCREASE your lean body mass, then you need to eat in a positive calorie manner. This means you need to eat more calories on a daily basis then your body actually needs to perform all its metabolic functions. If you want to DECREASE the amount of fat you are carrying, then you need to eat in a negative calorie manner. This means you need to eat less calories on a daily basis then your body actually needs to perform all its metabolic functions, so it draws energy from your reserve tank - your fat stores.

    To increase size = more calories then required
    To decrease size = less calories then required

  • If a standard WPI powder has amino acids in it, why do we need creatine (an amino acid) as an additional supplement?

    An amino acid is any class of compound of the general chemical formula RCH(NH2)COOH.  The term "amino" refers to the nitrogen component of that molecule.  Only around 20 different amino acids are found in proteins in organisms - there are many amino acids that do not compose protein molecules.

    WPI powders are derived from dairy and will contain the amino acids naturally found in proteins.  However creatine does not form part of a protein molecule.  Whilst it conforms to the general chemical formula of an amino acid, it is not a part of your standard WPI powder (unless of course it has been added in during processing).

    We don't need creatine as an additional supplement, however creatine monohydrate has been well researched as an ergogenic aid for over 10 years.  Personally I rank creatine monohydrate as one of my top 5 supplements.  There are many other creatines on the market, but stick with your basic creatine monohydrate since every other creatine has next to no research to back it up.

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