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General Questions

  • What can you tell us about visceral fat, and how to have visceral fat % checked?

    Hi! Great question. Visceral fat is the most dangerous- just imaging- having your organs coated in unhealthy white fat. It is difficult to get rid of and cannot be measured by the traditional skinfolds system (which we do with skinfold calipers). Visceral fat is dangerous compared to subcutaneus fat (fat just under the skin) becuase it has a different cell structure and properties. They grow larger in size, and produce hormones which increase inflammation. They are also linked to tumor growth, rapid aging, oxidation, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. 

    Though we cannot find out how much the percent of the visceral fat is, alone, there are machines which determine overall body fat. The more expensive the machine, the more accurate. The test is called a "bioelectric impedence analysis". The one to look for which is more accurate to take into account stomach fat is the 4 point reader. Some gyms may have these, or very good weightloss clinics. You are looking for a mchine which measures from both the hands and feet at the same time. It records several check-points and can report how much fat from each quadrant of the body exists. These machines are usually within 1.5% correct. To find access to a machine, you'll have to do some research in your area. 

  • I am 54 and do take BSN EVOtest and just noticed the warning not to be taken under the age of 18 or over the age of 50. Question is, why not over the age of 50 as I feel no side affects?

    One of the major concerns with taking this form of testosterone is the side effects are not really noticable until damage is done. Blood clots and liver damge are the most common, but these are not a frequent occurance. It is a bit of an arbitrary warning because not all guys taking these supplements have the same physiological response to them.

    If you feel like it has helped you feel more alert and lift a little more, great- you kow it works for you. Follow the rest of the precautions, watch for things like acne or unusual mood swings, and cycle off as recommended to continue to benefit from it.

  • Can you drink pre-workout drinks for energy or are they bad for you?

    Pre-workout drinks are great for energy, but it depends on your lifestyle. Some poeple really need them and others don't. The best answer is that anything in moderation is alright. You can be responsible about it, for instance, take them as directed, and only when needed. It becomes unhealthy when you start taking them too often (ie, every morning) and become dependent on the stimulant to function like normal. 

    The same argument can be made about coffee or tea. Caffeine is very addictive, and most pre-workout shakes and energy drinks have it. If you keep your dose reasonable, they usually have no negative side effects. other products like creatine or nitric oxide may have less predictable effects, causing headaches, shakiness or upset stomach. Research reviews to find out the low down from other people using pre-workout supplements.

  • How do I notify Amino Z of a lower price so you can price match the supplements?

    Simply give us a call! Our number is 1300 AMINO Z (1300 264 669) and please go to extension 2 for the store.

  • I have a lot of trouble putting on weight in the form of muscle mass. I eat a lot of carbs/protein. Drink protein and lift. What am I missing?

    Sometimes it is the style of training we do that can be lacking. Especially if you are an ectomorph, you'll find it hard to put on mass. 

    Start by introducing a creatine to your supplements, and doing 4 to 6 week cycles of training. Start with a strength phase of low reps and high intensities (4 sets of 3 to 6 reps at 80 to 95%MAx, with long rests in between) with exercises that target large muscle groups (squats, bench, lunges, pull up/ lat pull downs). 

    Then try moving into a hypertrophy cycle after, increasing the rep range, and shortening the rest phase between sets to just 30 seconds. You'll need to decrease the intensity closer to 70%Max. 

    These are just some ideas to help you break through your plateau. There is no one formula that works for everyone, but generally, changing it up regularely makes a big difference! 

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