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General Questions

  • How do you lose weight and build muscle at the same time?

    Not an easy task to accomplish - muscle gain and fat loss within a period of time does require attention to detail.  Some key issues that require attention include:

    • Correct nutrition
    • An optimal approach to training (high intensity, appropriate balance between resistance training and cardiovascular training)
    • Adequate recovery

    With your nutrition, you do need to focus on feeding your body the nutrients it requires throughout the day and importantly, immediately after a workout.  This allows your body to repair itself from the physical stress it must endure during a workout.

    Training is also very important.  Exercise provides the stimulus for a fitness response and hypertrophy (or muscle building).  It can also stimulate your body to burn fat far more effectively than if you were to rest.  You therefore need to undertake an effective training schedule where you consistently see improvements over a period of time.

    Recovery is also extremely important.  Whilst nutrition is vital in aiding your body to repair itself, sleep, active and passive rest is also just as important.  Of course, there are many other facets to recovery though, such as a massage that may improve your bodies ability to recuperate.

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  • I'm an ectomorph with a fast metabolism and can't build muscle mass! Is there a way of countering this? Great site by the way!

    It is true that many people have relatively fast metabolisms and struggle to build muscle mass.  We are all born with a particular set of genetics that will either encourage or discourage a particular change to our physique.

    Some typical traits of a person with a phenotype of an ectomorph is to have:

    • a very fast metabolism
    • small wrists and ankles
    • struggle in gaining muscle mass and also fat mass.

    Naturally ectomorphs are quite skinny as a result.  It is quite unnatural for an ectomorph to be large in girth measurements.  Therefore for an ectomorph seeking to build muscle mass, it is absolutely imperative that a structured training and nutritional plan is set in place in order to allow maximal results.

    A calorie overload is required in order to ensure that your body has maximal nutrients available in order to initiate the muscle building process.  Additionally, the correct muscle building stimulus must be induced via a high intensity training program.

    I encourage you to read up on the numerous articles available on the website.  Two of particular interest to an ectomorph would be:

    HARDGAINERS – Put an end to that skinny body NOW!
    Lose The "HARDGAINER" Mentality!

    The two other major phenotypes are mesomorph (build muscle and lose fat relatively easily) and an endomorph (build muscle and gain fat relatively easily).  Typically people are not one or the other, but often a mixture of two.

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  • I want to put weight on but can't seem to! I have a clean diet and lift weights.

    Well mate it's a really common problem, many guys have been in this situation.

    Thing is, if what you're doing now is not helping you toward your goals, then something (or some things) need to change.

    Building mass is a function of many things, the major factors being:


    • Sleep
    • Diet
    • Exercise

    Sleep - very important for building lean muscle mass. During sleep your body secretes a host of hormones responsible for building muscle. Aim for 7-8 hours each night.

    Diet - your nutrition is extremely important and complex. Without going into too much detail, you need good quality carbohydrates, proteins and fats in your diet. All three are equally as important to consume...if you neglect any one of these then you will not build muscle mass, period. Aim to stick to natural foods (meats, eggs, dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains) as much as possible.

    If you are maintaining your weight, then this may mean that you do not have enough of a caloric surplus in order to gain weight. So, you need to eat more. Eating more is not just eating a Big Mac....but rather eating more good foods, in their respective proportions, in order to gain mass.

    Timing of meals is important too. Aim for multiple meals every day (5 absolute minimum). Fast acting proteins and carbohydrates are very important right after your workout. This is where you may want to consider a protein shake.

    Exercise - okay, you can have the sleep and diet in check, but if your exercise component is lacking, then you're not going to build muscle mass. You need to ensure that your training is conductive of your goals. For example, bicep curls every day, 7 days a week is going to be about as effective as not performing them at all with respect to building muscle.

    That's everything in a nutshell. I would recommend that you read a series of articles I have available at:



    This may be a good starting point for building mass.

    Also try searching up "build muscle"

  • I am doing my Body Blitz 12 Week Challenge and keep falling off the wagon with binges!

    It is important to realise that you are not alone.  Everyone goes through bumps along the way. If you're taking this challenge really seriously, those bumps can be perceived as mountains.

    Hell, my 12 weeks wasn't a smooth ride at all!  Whilst I didn't turn to binging, I found that with my relatively extreme approach, the challenge was quite psychologically and physically draining at times.  And whilst I loved every moment of it, it was far from easy.  That said, I did take quite an approach with regards to training and diet...which is not for everyone.  If your regime is too extreme for you to handle, then it quite simply isn't going to work over an extended period of time.

    One lesson that I learnt over the 12 weeks was to put these "bumps" into perspective and not be so hard on myself if I did make a mistake.  These lessons really helped me to get through the 12 weeks and then to continue these newly formed habits into the future. I realise that it is easier said than done. After a while you just tend to form new lifestyle habits and you realise that these "bumps" in the road are:

    1. insignificant with respect to your physique endeavours as a whole. That is, one night isn't going to have a big impact months down the track. It's only when you string night after night after night together that the cumulative effect comes into play.

    2. significant with respect to your overall chance of success. Okay now you may think I'm crazy...but these stuff-ups are the times when you learn the most. We all make mistakes - and this can be an excellent thing, so long as you learn from them and move forward - a little more enlightened than before.

    What you really need to ask yourself is: "Is my current approach the most effective way to achieve my goals?".  Could maybe a more subtle approach get you to your goals quicker?  Use your most recent history to predict your future.  If it isn't working now, why would it work in 2 weeks time?  It may be worthwhile revising your plan of attack.

  • I'm undertaking a 12 week challenge and some friends criticise me for taking it so seriously! It is very discouraging!

    I can completely understand where you're coming from as I have had this happen to me, both during my BodyBlitz challenge and ever since then.  Personally I love training and I love eating well in order to promote my progress in the gym...I absolutely love the whole lifestyle.  But other's (well, some other's) will be anything but supportive in your endeavours.

    Some people respect my decisions...others cannot fathom why I make the choices that I make. I just tell myself...so what? Yes it's annoying, but it's something you need to live with. Don't allow yourself to tie up any of your own self worth into their acceptance. You should be proud of the choices you make and know that those choices are what makes you an individual. Honestly...who wants to be the same as everyone else?

    In my experiences, if you look at it from the other side of the fence, the people that criticise you are the people that are too lazy to get off their butts and make a positive change in their own lifestyle. These are the people who would rather take the easy road by criticise you for your great choices rather than criticise themselves for their own poor choices!

    Here's a quote that I love from Dr Phil McGraw: "Winners do the things that losers don't want to do!".

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