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Muscle Gain

  • How to correctly perform a Clean and Jerk


    With this checklist and video, I'll show you how to perform a Clean and Jerk. This is one of the Olympic-lifts; requiring strength, speed, agility and coordination. It is ideally used as a part of a strength and conditioning program.

    The Clean& Jerk is a full body, dynamic movement. It should be a part of a strength and power cycle. Depending on the intensity (weights being lifted) it can focus on strength and muscle endurance or power.


    The set up: This is where the lift is really made. If the set-up is off, it causes a chain reaction through the rest of the clean.

    - Feet about shoulder-width

    - Back tight, flat, shoulder blades set tight, pulling down your back

    - Barbell placed against the shins

    - Arms in a vertical line, perpendicular to the floor

    - Use hook grip to hold the barbell (thumbs under the fingers)


    The Pull: this is where the bar is starts moving off the floor, until it passes the waist. Think of it as a wind up for a big throw. It should be precise, measured and you should always be in control.

    - Gradually press your heels into the floor

    - Maintain the angle of the back to ensure shoulders are over the bar

    - Sweep bar into the thighs

    The catch: This is where the bar is caught on the anterior deltoids

    - Move the elbows quickly around the bar into place

    - No bicep curling the barbell up!

    - "catch it high, ride it down"

    The Jerk: getting the bar from the shoulders to an overhead position without pressing the bar out

    - Keep the elbows high

    - Set your back tight and relax your fingers and wrist

    - Inhale and hold, using the air pressure of your lungs to brace your core and spine

    - Dip slowly from the knees

    - Push upwards against the bar and split the feet

    - Bring the feet to center to complete the lift


    This is a relatively complex movement requiring a lot of technique and practice. We recommend taking it easy to start.

    Your program should consist of light weights, starting with the 20kg barbell, performing 6 to 10 sets of 3 to 5 repetitions. Add weight only when you've mastered the lift at a given weight.

    Progress like this:

    20/5 25/5 30/4 35/4 40/3 45/3 47.5/3 50/3


    Check out our instructional video for more information!

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