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  • Pedometers & Shaker Bottles Now Available to Buy in Store!

    I am very happy to announce that we have two brand new products available in our store today:

    • Pedometers
    • Shaker Bottles

    Both of these accessories are extremely useful for anyone who is conscious of their health, fitness, well being and body shape. So, I thought I'd give a bit of a blurb on each of these products.


    Pedometers are an amazing tool that can be used extensively to monitor your daily activity. Something that I strongly suggest for my weight loss clients is to move around as much as possible to increase their calorie expenditure. A number of clients have expressed to me that they would love to get their hands on a straight forward pedometer so they could actually measure their steps throughout the day - hence why we have gone out and stocked our own exclusive range of pedometers!

    When you are heading towards a weight loss goal, I do believe that you treat your exercise and nutrition as objectively as possible. A key component in doing this is to keep a record of exactly what you do and then review it regularly. You can then see how your nutrition/activities affect your rate of weight loss and modify then as necessary.

    Obviously it is far more accurate to say "I have walked 10,000 steps today", rather than "I walked around a bit today". You could continue this for a week and aim to increase the number of steps to 11,000 per day. Without a pedometer, you are left to guess your daily levels of activity. This subjective approach to weight loss can be highly detrimental to your results because you don't know "exactly" what you have done. Nor can you measure your activities accurately.

    Another big advantage of pedometers is that by acquiring one, you will be a lot more conscious of how active you are. Using this tool regularly will boost your motivation and accountability levels because you cannot kid yourself out of "x" number of steps.

    We are selling our pedometers for a very reasonable $7 each, which is an amazing price for such an accurate piece of equipment. If you are interested in buying one, please follow this link to find out more information about our pedometer.

    Shaker Bottles

    Shaker bottles have got to be one of the most convenient inventions for fitness enthusiasts. If you take a protein shake, it can be a nightmare stirring it in a glass (it will go gluggy), or putting it in your drink bottle (and spill powder everywhere!). So, today, we have introduced our own range of shaker bottles!

    A shaker bottle is a shaker bottle right? Well, for the most part, yes. But I did test an extensive range of shaker bottles to ensure that these are leak free. I have had some bad experiences with shaker bottles in the past where you end up losing half your protein drink!

    Anyway, our shaker bottles are available for only $4.70 - the best price I could find in Australia actually (and typically sell for 2-3 times this price). If you're looking for good quality shaker bottles, grab them in our store. Click on the following link to check out our shaker bottle.

  • New 12 Week Body Transformation Book Released!

    I'm so happy to announce that my book has finally been printed and is now available for sale!

    How to Transform the Average Joe in 12 Weeks is a book that took me over four years to complete. I began writing it during my 12 week BodyBlitz challenge that I subsequently won back in 2005. During the transformation competition, I kept a very detailed log of all my training results, thoughts, triumphs and failures. Upon completing the challenge and winning the grand title, I decided to write a book on my experience.

    The book begins long before the 12 week transformation competition. In fact, it begins with my struggles when I was much younger and struggled through a long bout of chronic fatigue. This did have a tremendous impact on my life, as you will read.

    After setting the scene, we delve into the details of the 12 week challenge. Exactly what I did to go from "Average Joe" to the guy on the front of Australian Ironman Magazine!

    Once you have been taken on my 12 week journey, I have then compiled a comprehensive "how-to" guide for yourself. Don't expect a meal and exercise plan - it is far more complex than that. We delve into all aspects of body transformation - all of which Amino Z was established on. We will discuss such things as:

    • Goal setting
    • Planning
    • Researching
    • How to develop an approach specifically for YOU (and not just replicating what I did)
    • Supplementing
    • Training
    • Nutrition
    • Entering into a 12 week competition to win by taking amazing before/after photo's and writing a masterpiece essay

    I also provide the exact essay that I submitted during my challenge which was ultimately a vital component to my entry, as advised by the Ironman magazine editor. No where else will you find this essay (except in one of my filing cabinets).

    My goal in writing this book is to educate, motivate, inspire and enlighten you to transform yourself, permanently. This is not a quick-fix guide - this is a proper how-to guide, to make some permanent changes into your lifestyle, for the rest of your life. And if you're planning on entering into a 12 week competition (such as EAS Body-for-LIFE or BodyBlitz) - you'll have a bit of an unfair advantage with this resource!

    Check out my book, How to Transform the Average Joe in 12 Weeks in our online store.

  • Boosting Efficiency and Maximising Your Time at Work

    If you're like most people, you probably wish that you had more hours in the day to get through all the daily tasks of your work. Wouldn't it be great to boost your efficiency and maximise your time whilst you are working to boost the productivity of your day?

    Well believe it or not, nutrition and exercise both play a vital role in accomplishing an increased level of efficiency. Time management and goal setting aside, by looking after your body, you will be more effective at completing daily tasks, not only more efficiently, but with far greater quality.

    Nutrition can play a vital role in your brain function. Essential omega-3 fatty acids and imperative for daily processes and are often referred to as "brain food". Carbohydrates are the sole energy source of the brain and without adequate carbs, your efficiency and concentration will suffer markedly. B group vitamins can have a profound impact upon processing thoughts and assist in reducing stress.

    Recently, a lot of research has been conducted on the benefits of exercise and the benefits in the workplace. Not only are endorphins secreted that lift your mood and decrease stress, but exercise can actually assist in enhancing the daily processes conducted within the brain. In fact, exercise can help stimulate brain cell development - something not thought possible until only recently!

    Good eating and regular exercise can take some time. You have to prepare your food rather than ordering take-away. You may also need to take half an hour to perform a workout. Yet, this time is an investment into your productivity. With an optimally functioning brain, you could enhance your efficiency and maximise your time at work! You will get more done in less time. Whilst it's hard to quantify the benefits with a great degree of accuracy, there is no doubt that exercise and nutrition can play a vital role in getting the most out of each day.

    Be sure to check out the following articles we have available for further reading:

    Exercise Boosts Mood & Reduces Stress for 12 Hours

    The Effects of Exercise on the Brain

  • Respecting Others in the Gym

    Is there something about others in the gym that really annoys you? I'm sure that at some point in your gym membership, you have experienced some form of frustration from another member. I know I've had my fair share!

    Ultimately, the gym is there to share. Respect within the gym goes a long way so everyone can have an enjoying a fulfilling experience. It is important that you and others follow the unwritten "gym etiquette" so everyone comes out a winner. Let's go discuss some important considerations to respecting others in the gym:

    Share the equipment

    There is nothing more frustrating than having to wait half an hour for a machine (yes, I have once waited half an hour for a machine!). Sure, you may have a rigid training program that requires you to perform a large number of sets on one machine. But for heavens sake, if someone has been waiting for a while, offer to work in with them. Both parties can then get their workout done and everyone's happy!

    If the weights are too heavy, don't pick them up in the first place!

    Nothing annoys me more than guys who pick up the heaviest weights possible, perform a set and then drop them from a height. Apart from risking the toes of any people within close vicinity, it is completely obnoxious. Personally, I train with heavy weights. Yet no matter how heavy they are, I am still able to put them down without breaking a few floor boards!

    Turn down the volume

    I've done my fair share of grunting in the past, but I do think that there is a limit. At any gym, you will have the odd person that accentuates their grunts to the point at which you no longer know if they are lifting weight or dying. Sure, grunt a little if you need to...but don't overdo it.

    Put the weights back

    The gym that I train at is a classic example of this. There are clearly labelled positions for the dumbbells ranging from 2.5 to 50kg. How 12.5kg's end up in the 40kg spot baffles me. By doing this, it confuses the hell out of new members and wastes time while the others try to find the correct weights (that's if they are actually on the rack).

    Respect other's training methods

    This is a big one with the guys. Everyone trains differently and your way of training isn't the only way. If someone is doing something that you don't think is the most effective way to achieve a goal, sure, advise them. But also consider the fact that they may know something that you don't.

    Wipe down your machine

    Common sense really, but this is a big one when respecting others in the gym.

    Wear Deodorant...Please!

    This is a no brainer, but c'mon guys (and girls). A little bit of spray goes a long way!

    That's my rant for the week! Have a great weekend!

  • Body Fat Calipers

    Well today I spent most of the afternoon putting some new products up (body fat calipers, digital body fat calipers and an fitness & exercise measuring tape) which I'm really excited about because they have our own brand name on them!

    But the remainder of the afternoon I detailed up a new article, "Body Fat Caliper Instructions" and also developed a new calculator (Body Fat Calipers Calculator). Just a note with the calculator, I haven't had enough time to test it out fully, but it will be fully functional tomorrow!

    The main reason why I spent all this time and effort stocking these new calipers, providing an informational guide and developing the calculator is because body fat scales just aren't all that accurate. Sure, they are convenient, but even the best brands have a 2% error reading.

    The beauty about calipers is that you can isolate different skinfolds (or points) on the body and see how they change over time. Whilst you may only see a slight overall bodyfat reduction, you may see a huge reduction around the abdominal area as your waistline decreases. Calipers just provide that little bit more information, a little bit more accurately.

    Professionally, I only use calipers when assessing clients for these aforementioned reasons. I would never rely on scales to produce accurate results. That said, body fat scales are better than no body fat reading at all (so don't go throwing them out after reading this post!).

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