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General Exercise

  • Top 5 Quickest ways to Sabotage your performance

    Sometimes, the simplest rules of training, recovery and nutrition are not followed, leading to sabotage your performance. This is not uncommon because of all the conflicting information online and the unpredictable "word of mouth" information sharing used at the gym.


    Just because something worked once for a friend, it doesn't make it the general rule for you! We'd like to clear up the space by letting you know the top 5 things to avoid!

    1. Not Getting Enough Rest

    Rest is sometimes under rated! When you rest, you recover. I stress recovery just as much as following a smart training program. While you rest, both by taking days off and sleeping well, your muscles memorize the work load, improve strength, elasticity, and grow.


    It's great to be dedicated to a tough program, but there is a limit. If you have only 1 scheduled rest day and it works for you, that is great, otherwise, listen to your body and take a day off when you start to feel fatigue set in. Avoid over training and under-resting at all costs!

    2. Relying on a friends program

    We've said it before and we'll say it again! One program does not fit all! Your weaknesses and strengths are unique. You'll need a program which fits your needs, goals, objectives and training history. Consult a professional before wasting your time following someone else's ideal program!

    3. Relying on training alone to get the body of your dreams

    Training is just the catalyst. Think of training as a tool. You can do a variety of different exercises, and some will be more effective than others. In the end, the job should get done. However, with the right nutrition, a good training plan is useless. While exercise will improve health outcomes, exercise alone is not enough to lose or gain weight. A good physique is made in the kitchen!

    Eating the right foods in the right portions each day will keep your body in top shape and improve your looks and overall performance.

    4. Missing adequate nutrition

    High performance is not only relying on fuel and protein. Our body functions also rely heavily on vitamins and minerals. These help to keep the mind, body and nervous system sharp and running smoothly. By only seeing your food as carbs and protein, there is a good chance of missing out on essential micronutrients.

    Diversifying foods you consume each meal to help get a bigger spectrum of nutrients. You'll need fruits and a wide variety of colourful vegetables. If you think you are lacking these foods, it would be a good idea to take a solid daily multi-vitamin to supplement them.

    5. Sticking to a program

    Any program, no matter how fantastic it is, must be cycled off! Studies have shown time and again that unpredictable, random, intense and interval training yields the most rapid adaptation. Change your exercise choice, reps, sets, volume, intensity and as many other things about your program as frequently as possible. While a classic training cycle lasts 4 weeks, it does not have to be an identical program each day.


    Diversify your training and you'll be amazed at how your performance improves and how quickly your body responds by gaining muscle and leaning out.


    FD Bulsara, BSc

    Amino Z Personal Trainer

  • The best Russian training secrets: 5 Kettlebell exercises to get ripped!

    Simple old-school Russian training is making a come back. This ultimate workout focuses on the core and posterior chain. That includes the hamstrings, glutes, lower and upper back. The shoulders, calves, and entire core work as stabilizers throughout the movement. With one or two moderately weight kettlebells, you'll be amazed at the workout you can get!

    Imaging a wrecking ball. The principle with a kettle bell is generally the same. The force of the action comes from the base of the structure and not the lever (arms). The ball is attached to a chain (arms), which is attached to the machine. With the hips snapping to apply force, the kettlebell responds. There are several basic movements which you can use. This is ideal for those looking to improve overall fitness, muscle coordination, strength and condition of the back and core, and as a way to break up a typical workout once per week without resting! 2-arm swing: the Classic beginner movement Using two hands on the kb, let your hips fall back. Remember to keep your back in a tight straight line. Create a forward momentum on the bell by snapping your hips back into full extension. Remember not to hyperextend your back or hips during this movement. Try not to "dip" into a quarter or half squat. 1-arm swing: Classic Russian swing Start with the right side or your dominant arm to get comfortable swinging with one arm. Remember to hold on tight! Keep the other arm up at your side. Avoid twisting at your hips. Be sure to keep the kb moving down your center line, not to one side or the other. 1-Arm Clean If you are familiar with a clean, then you'll know where we want this one to finish. At the top of the swing, pull the kb in towards your upper chest. At the same moment, "catch" the bell with your arm, using the top of your elbow and forearm. Confused? Check out the video! Loop each clean by dropping the bell quickly into it's original swing path. You'll have to work on coordination with a lighter kettlebell before this becomes comfortable and natural. The Windmill Ideal for those with poor flexibility and weak abdominals. 10 of these beats 100 sit ups any day! With the kb in a fully extended position, keep your knuckles facing the ceiling. Reach out with the other arm for balance. Place your feet comfortably apart, then point your toes away from the arm with the kb. (If your right arm is in use, you'll be dipping to the left, so point your feet that way!) keep the elbow locked and slowly reach towards your opposite foot. Keep your eyes on the bell! Snatch Getting used to the kb snatch takes time. Starting with a classic 1-arm swing, the bell finishes fully extended, overhead. It should be resting on the back of the wrist, having flipped around at the last moment. Use a powerful high pull on the kb during the swing. In one sweeping motion: - Pull the elbow to bring the kb towards the side of the head - Open up the hand and elbow, extending the kb upwards - Allow your hand to travel the handle, placing the bell portion on the back of the wrist Pause for a moment at the top of the snatch as the kb stops its flight. Then resume the entire swing from the very top position again! Use these techniques to perfect your strength and conditioning. Expect a stronger back, glutes, hamstrings, and a tighter, stronger shoulder girdle. Master each technique with the help of my video examples!

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