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  • Three Tips to Make Healthy Eating More Enjoyable

    Eating in a healthy manner really has a negative stigma attached to it. I mean, who wants to eat carrot sticks when you could be going to your local hamburger joint and ordering the lot!

    I am by no means a good cook, but there are some very simple tips that you could take on board to enhance the "enjoyability" of your nutritional regime.

    Making Healthy Eating More Enjoyable Tip #1: Use Healthy Sauces!

    Sauce!? Healthy eating requires you to eat bare meats and veggies doesn't it? Well, not quite. Sure, it's ideal to cut out the creamy and fatty sauces, but why not opt for a tomato based sauce? You'd be surprised how low in calories a healthy bolognaise sauce can be!

    Plus, check out the ingredients in salsa. There is often a little sugar added, but it's primarily tomato, capsicum and spices - which is actually quite healthy for you. Better yet - make your own so it's all fresh and tasty!

    Low-fat dressings are also a great compliment to salads. Avoid using the really fatty dressings to excess, because they can really increase your daily caloric intake.

    Making Healthy Eating More Enjoyable Tip #2: Use Variety in Your Cooking

    Don't eat canned tuna, muesli and steamed veggies all day, every day. Mix it up.

    Try having a wholegrain burrito with lean mince, salad and low-fat cheese with salsa. Then, give a stir-fry a go with an oyster sauce, chicken and vegetables. For your next dinner, have a hamburger with wholegrain toast, a lean beef patty and salad (with a bit of sauce). You could also have a roast dinner with beef and vegetables. Or what about grilled salmon and a salad with low-fat dressing?

    The possibilities are endless. It is important to eat a wide variety of food, not only for your general health and well-being, but your ability to sustain a healthy approach to eating in the long-term.

    Making Healthy Eating More Enjoyable Tip #3: Treat Yourself

    It doesn't hurt to have a treat every once in a while. In fact, I believe that treating yourself is healthy from a psychological standpoint. After all, "healthy" extends far beyond the nutritional components contained within food! It is by no means healthy to spend half the day thinking about that chocolate that you just cannot have!

    The key is to watch what junk food you consume. You may be the type of person who really doesn't need junk food - so don't have it! But if you really enjoy a drink every now and then, or treating yourself to some sweets, enjoy them on the odd occasion. If you can control the amount of "treats" that you consume, then you would have obtained a great balance between your lifestyle and eating in a healthy manner.

  • Protein Powder Without Artificial Sweeteners

    It wasn't long ago that I was discussing my supplement regime with another fitness professional, whereby I explained that I was using Optimum Nutrition 100% Protein Powder because it was a high quality protein powder, which tasted great and was really good value for money.

    We moved onto the topic of artificial sweeteners and I explained that, whilst I would prefer not to consume artificial sweeteners, I haven't come across a good protein powder without artificial sweeteners. Fortunately, I recently discovered an amazing product called Dymatize All Natural Elite Whey which contains nothing artificial!

    Today, I tasted the product and was pleasantly surprised that it tasted quite good. So, I was inspired to blog about it and possibly even write up a full review shortly.

    So anyway, let's briefly discuss artificial sweeteners. Do they cause cancer? Are they going to make you sick? Are they any good for you?

    The thing is, there is currently no conclusive evidence to prove that they are "bad" for you in any way, shape or form. Sure, one study may come to this conclusion, yet another one may conclude otherwise. There really is no hard evidence. Plus, Australia is one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to the foods that are available for consumption, so anything on the market that could even be a potential risk would be immediately removed!

    Now I do believe that artificial sweeteners can be a great tool when trying to limit the calories that you consume. Personally, during my BodyBlitz Challenge, I did consume a number of artificially sweetened products (apart from protein powders) in order to overcome sugar cravings. Sugar is a highly addictive substance, so you need every tool at your disposal to overcome such an addiction!

    Additionally, if you desperately need to lose weight for health reasons, then using artificial sweeteners to replace highly refined carbohydrates may be a viable approach for you, at least in the short-term.

    Having said all this, artificial sweeteners aren't "good" for you either. There is a question mark as to whether or not they are "bad", but they certainly have no nutritional value. So, this is precisely my rationale as to why I converted to the Dymatize All Natural Elite Whey Protein Powder. I have to be honest, whilst it tastes good, it doesn't taste as "great" as the Optimum. Yet, I would much rather eliminate the artificial sweeteners from my protein powder because it just isn't necessary in my particular circumstances.

    Of course, we have have a range of protein powder supplements in our online supplement store for you to choose from!

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