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  • Is Caffeine Healthy & Safe?

    Caffeine is a popular constituent of natural foods, and is also used commonly in supplementation. But how safe is caffeine and is caffeine healthy or risky to your well being?
  • 5-HTP Supplement Information

    5-HTP is a popular supplement, so I thought I'd put up a blog post to share my thoughts on the supplement.

    Supplementing with this natural bean extract (the Griffonia Simplicifolia) has been recommended to numerous patients that do suffer from depression. Do a quick Google search on depression and you'll see what I mean with 594,000 results displayed! However 5-HTP has also been shown to assist with other psychological concerns such as poor mood, depression, insomnia and lack of concentration.

    But hang on, I'm no psychologist. So why am I talking about depression, insomnia, lack of concentration and poor mood? Well, 5-HTP has also been shown by some studies to assist in weight loss and curb over-eating. Interestingly, all of these symptoms can be linked to depression.

    It has been demonstrated that 5-HTP acts as the "middle-man" between tryptophan (an essential amino acid found in your everyday diet) and serotonin (responsible for normal mood). The science basically suggests that a lack in serotonin can cause an array of symptoms, such as those previously mentioned.

    5-HTP, or technically "5-Hydroxytryptophan" has been shown to enhance serotonin levels as it is a natural precursor to (or is converted into) serontonin.

    Now because this supplement deals with serotonin (as do anti-depressants), it is very important to always seek advice from your doctor before using 5-HTP. Personally, even though "some" studies have demonstrated weight loss with this supplement, I would not supplement with 5-HTP purely for weight loss. A correct nutritional and exercise regime can take care of that far more effectively than a single supplement.

    By the way, here are some guidelines I found for 5-HTP:

    While 5-HTP, in a pure form is not a risk for EMS, there are some cautions to be observed in it's use. 5-HTP should not be used if you have the following medical conditions:

    Cardiovascular Diseases; Extremely Elderly Persons; those with Parkinsons; Disease, Cancer or Autoimmune Diseases; Lung Diseases; Chronic Alcoholism; Liver diseases; parasitic infection; AIDS; Anorexia Nervosa; Low protein Diets; Severe allergies; Myalgia; Peripheral Neuropathy; Rash or Flushing; Edema; Nausea; Diarrhea; Sickle cell anemia; hemophilia; Pregnancy

    Do not use 5-HTP is you are currently taking any of the following medications:

    Anti-depressant drugs; Monoamine oxidase inhibitors; Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors; Tricyclic medications; Weight Loss medications; Anti-parkinson medications; Barbiturates and other tranquilizing drugs; Antihistamines and cold medications; Alcoholic beverages; Intravenous drugs; Cancer chemotherapy or antibiotic medications.

  • Social Networking

    Well I spent a good portion of today signing up and setting up social networking websites, namely facebook and twitter.

    Honestly, so much time must be wasted on these websites! I have a few friends who spend hours on them each day...I can't really see myself doing that. But I guess they are a good means of communication. And they also seem to be a really good method of networking and marketing. Well, at least that's what many marketing websites have suggested...I'm yet to find out about that one...I guess we'll see...

  • Online Personal Training Blog Live!

    3 days prior to Amino Z's 3 year anniversary, I have decided to publish my own online personal training blog.

    Why an "online personal training" blog? Well, considering that I'm including it as part of Amino Z (which is ultimately a personal training company) and it's online, I figured that it would make sense to call it an Online Personal Training Blog.

    This blog will give me an opportunity to voice my personal thoughts and opinions as a separate entity to the Amino Z website.

    So anyway, I'm really glad that I finally got this blog up and running!

    Today's news. Today was pretty full-on. Up at 6.30am and got straight into the emails. That took me a while and then straight onto our online clients. I tell you what, Monday's are full-on! It took me until after 5pm this evening to complete all our online personal training clients. I did have a 1on1 session during the day, but apart from quick meal breaks and some telephone calls, it was just me typing away frantically all day long.

    Also managed to get in a solid chest/biceps workout today. First workout back since my week off. Pretty straight forward macrocycle parameters with a 6-8 rep range, 4 day split and 2-3 minute rests. The only exception to "normality" is that I have gone back to eccentric bicep curls on the left side due to some tendonitis induced a while ago. Hasn't really flared back up at all, but a little discomfort so I figured I would do a little more rehab before it becomes an issue again.

    It's now past 6.30pm and I think I'm going to call it quits for the day. Very productive day today and I'm looking forward to working on several projects tomorrow.

  • The Benefits and Risks of Folic Acid & Folate

    Supplementation and natural consumption of folic acid, folate, or vitamin B9 can have some significant benefits to your body. However there are risks involved with supplementation of folic acid. We discuss the benefits and risks of folic acid supplementation.
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