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You Can Always Perform At A Higher Standard

Go into any gym, health club or PT studio and you will see people training hard. They will be there, busting their asses desperately trying to make improvements to their bodies. Yet pop back into those same places 12 months later and you will see only a small percentage of that group have made improvements, and an even smaller percentage have made substantial gains. How is this the case? If you are training hard and consistently, shouldn't you make gains all the time. I ask you this, how hard are you really training? Or better yet, do you feel as though you can improve your program in anyway? Your future goals are dependant on your answer.

You see, no matter who you are or what your training philosophies are, you can always reach a higher standard. Many people feel that increasing your dedication and commitment only needs to occur in the weight room, but it is what you achieve outside the gym which has an even greater effect on your overall results.

Ask the average trainer what their goals are and you might get a response like 'get a 6 pack by summer' or 'build bigger arms'. If you ask them how they will do it the typical answer will be to train harder and heavier. But, you will never hear someone say 'by improving the quality of my diet' or 'to stick to my supplement plan more diligently'. What you do outside the gym is just as important as what you do in there.

When you strive to perform at a higher standard, look at EVERYTHING which comprises your fitness lifestyle. Do you need to:

  • Increase your training intensity
  • Improve the quality of your diet
  • Stay more consistent with your supplement schedule
  • Get more recovery
  • Increase intense cardio, etc etc

When you want to perform at a higher standard, don't view thing in only one dimension. There are many elements which contribute to your success, so strive to improve on all of them. Once you get them all squared away is when you become a 'gym minority' and actually achieve meaningful results.

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