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With your beep test calculator, what does Relative VO2 Max and Absolute VO2 Max mean?

Our beep test calculator provides two results - your absolute VO2Max and your relative VO2Max.

The "relative" score takes into account your body mass.  The reason this is relative is because this score will vary depending upon the weight that you have to carry from one end of the 20m track to the other.  So, if two people both completed 10 levels, yet one weighed 60kg and the other weighed 100kg, the 100kg person would obtain a far better "relative" VO2Max because they are carrying an additional 40kg around with them.

The relative reading tells you how many mililitres of oxygen each kilogram of bodyweight (on average) is consuming per minute.

Meanwhile, the "absolute" score only takes into account the level and number of shuttles obtained.  Bodyweight is not a factor in this result.  Consequently, the two people above would produce exactly the same score.

The absolute reading tells you how many litres of oxygen your body is consuming per minute.

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