Whey Protein: The Anti-Cancer Supplement

Whey protein should be a permanent fixture in your supplement line-up alongside multivitamins and essential fatty acids. To note, whey protein aids a faster muscle recovery process, provides you with a rich source of amino acids, boosts the immune system, digests easily and promotes healthy ageing. The benefits are flat-out tremendous. 

However, do you also know that whey protein is also touted as having anti-cancer properties?

With the progression of numerous clinical trials, researchers have found that whey delivers powerful enabling proteins like lactoferrin. Lactoferrin triggers the production of glutathione, an extremely effective antioxidant. 

Researchers at the Department of Food Science and Technology at Ohio State University concluded that glutathione levels in prostate cells increased by 50% as a direct result of whey isolate supplementation which contains lactoferrin. They delivered the exciting news when they said this increase in glutathione levels was responsible for preventing the development of prostate cancer compared to control groups that did not consume whey protein. 

This anti-cancer property of whey protein can be traced to the increased glutathione levels. Glutathione has important roles that protect the body against cancer. As a natural antioxidant, it helps rid the body of free radicals. 

Glutathione is also a powerful detoxifying agent. Through a process known as conjugation, it rids the body of cancer-causing substances by latching on to them and then carrying them out of the body by way of our stools. 

The increased glutathione level can also help the responsiveness of the immune system. At the 2003 Annual Meeting of the American Cancer Society, research was presented showing that women with the highest levels of plasma cysteine (which whey protein has an abundance of) had a 56% reduction in the risk of breast cancer compared to individuals with the lowest levels of plasma cysteine. 

Another exciting development in terms of whey protein and anti-cancer research took place in 2002. Researchers at Lund University in Sweden reported that alpha-lactalbumin proteins found in whey solids combined with an unnamed component of human breast milk, have demonstrated the ability to kill all known types of breast cancer cells. 

In addition, people who are already afflicted with cancer can benefit immensely from whey protein. These patients who are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy often have difficulty meeting their daily nutritional requirements because o nausea and lack of appetite. This may lead to weight loss, muscle loss and protein calorie malnutrition. 

That being said, whey protein is an excellent protein choice for cancer patients as it is very easy to digest and very gentle on the system. It can also be added to other foods and beverages to increase the protein content.  

Long story short, try to look beyond the muscle-building benefits of whey protein and try to also appreciate it for how it boosts your overall health, particularly against cancer. 

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