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Whats Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?

Athletes are a funny breed! If we succeed, we stand up and take all the accolades ourselves, telling all our adoring fans that we are the greatest. If we fail to live up to our own expectations though, the blame is quickly laid elsewhere. Why is that? Why are we so accepting of praise but fear criticism worst then the plague? To be truly outstanding, you need to take responsibility for your own actions.

You need to stand up and ask yourself why you are failing to meet your training expectations. No matter what life is throwing in your direction, when it comes to your training the buck stops with you. Your are responsible for your results, or lack of, and you need to ask yourself why?


Are you training in a manner, which will deliver you your desired results? Is your training program efficient in that you can complete your desired workload effectively, consistently and on time? Are you passionate about your training program and do you truly believe that it is the best way to train to take your physique from ordinary to outstanding?


Are you eating in a manner which is conductive to your training goals? Are you eating the right types of foods at the right times? Are you eating these foods consistently day after day, month after month and year after year?


Are you taking the best supplements available which suits your budget? Are you consistently taking your supplements as part of a detailed training, nutritional and supplementation program? Are the supplements your taking producing the desired results, and if no – why not? Are you taking your supplements as they have been recommended by the manufacturer, or are you taking them how you think they work best?


Are you training at the level of intensity required to produce increases in muscular strength and size? Do you believe that your level of intensity is so high, that there is no way you could possibly train any harder then you do now? Are you happy with your current level of intensity?


Are you emotionally equipped to do everything that is needed to produce exceptional results, or do you simply waft through your session, being the social butterfly of your gym? Are you mentally preparing yourself for an awesome, results producing session each and every time to go to the gym? Do you think that you could enhance your mental powers to perform in an even more focused state?

When things are not going so good, we are quick to lay the blame elsewhere. Work is too stressful, my partner doesn’t understand my gym work, the gym I train at is too soft, my training partner constantly slacks off, I don’t like to train hard, etc.

I guarantee that if your look within first when things are not going according to plan and correct those, which have jumped off track, you will realise just how easy it is to have effective workouts on a consistent basis. Take responsibility for your own actions, and the spoils will be yours for the taking.

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